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Powerlifting Clubs

For all of those in College or even HS a PL club is a great way to meet others in the sport, compete together, and have reliable people to lift with.

Those outside of school usually lift at a gym and have that group sense established already.

Thought this would be a neat place to talk about the group you lift with, maybe promote your club to get more support. Talk about the stuff your group does to help its lifter progress as a whole.

Our club just started its at The University of Alabama, If you can like our page being we are new and trying to get our name out there, We will be posting vids on a regular basis of our training.

University of Iowa Powerlifting. Currently we have three lifters ranked in the powerlifting watch top 25, two lifters with elite totals, and one lifter with a master total; we also have other experienced lifters, as well as newcomers just joining the competition. Mostly, we compete in NASA, because they do the most meets in Iowa. We also have lifters who have competed in other federations.



Nice will check out your page. What feds do yall compete in?