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Powerlifting Clubs - SE Wisconsin


I was wondering if there are any powerlifting clubs or coaches in the southeastern Wisconsin area. I live about 30 miles west of Milwaukee (in Hartland). I got into powerlifting about one year ago and am hoping to get some coaching or find a team for motivation so I can become more competitive and serious about my training.

If there isn’t a team but a couple veteran powerlifters in the area that wouldn’t mind training me once a week or so, I’d be interested. Wouldn’t really have any $$$ to lay out for it, so I need someone that would do it for the love of the sport. Could just involve me training along side of you once a week. I have a buddy of mine that may have an interest as well, but he’s mostly into Strongman stuff.

Coming out of a stretch of time with injuries and things, previously competed in the 198 weight class. Be interested in moving to 220 or staying at 198 for another year. I would like to be ready for the Hudson Natural Open (USAPL) that is in Hudson, WI this coming October. I’ve never used any equipment (no belt, wraps, or suits) and I don’t know if I need to start using them at this point. I’ll let you be the judge.



PM If you want my number or something to talk about this.

I dont know what the rates are but Joe Panos just opened his sport specific training facilty with the former strength coach (his name escapes me)from Golden Gopher Hockey. It’s called N X Level, its located on Westwood Dr. by American on I94 and Hwy F (the old Hwy 164). NOt sure if thats Waukesha or Pewaukee there, but you get the idea. I’ve been meaning to check it out have not had time. I saw it on the news and it was platforms and cages as far as the eye could see.

Hope this helps.

I checked NX Level Athletics out today, the place seems great! It is an appointment only gym that is based on improving athletic performance. The strength coach you couldn’t remember the name of is Brad Arnett, no slouch in the strength game (used to be able to bench 600). The rates are super reasonable, cheaper than the know-nothings at Bally’s thats for sure (half the cost or cheaper and these guys have ten times the knowledge).

Thanks a ton for the reference, I’ll be signing up shortly to have them train me for the Hudson Open this coming October. Hopefully that can improve my pitiful 1300 total I had last year.



I’m glad it is nice, like I said I have never been there but saw it on the news and heard Joe Panos on Bob and Brian on Lazer103. If it isnt too much trouble let me know how a couple of training sessions go. As soon as I saw Brads name I slapped myself for not remembering. Good luck.

I live in Milwaukee and would like to check out nx athletics can you post the address and phone # thanks Gymrat