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Powerlifting Briefs

I’m in the process recovering from some hip issues.
I’ve been squatting in rehband shorts for the past year or so. They definitely have helped with adding some warmth and minimal support. I like using them.
I’m going to try adding single ply briefs for some additional support. I’ve never have used any powerlifting gear. I used to compete years ago with wraps ( which where glorified ace bandages back in the late 1980s) and more recently in sleeves.
I don’t know if parallel is in my future again, but I do want to squat as part of my training.
Any advice on using briefs and in particular the thought of getting the briefs a little large to wear my rehband under the briefs. I train alone so getting the gear on and off as a 1 man operation is a must.
Thanks to all with some experience with PL gear

Metal Training Briefs

Hit them up on EliteFTS, these let you use your normal squat stance. I haven’t tried but it’s likely the best option.


I’ve ordered them. I think I went to small in size.
I ordered by body weight, seems thigh circumference would have been a better choice.
They looked really good.

They are usually pretty good about returns and size swaps. You just end up paying shipping.

That’s been my experience with them.
I’ve read some your posts. It seems you have a good bit of experience.
Any thoughts on the rehbands under the briefs ? Is that just duplicating the same process ?

Same but different, Ive seen Dave Tate do that combo, but honestly it’s probably too much unless you’ve got 2 shiny new hips.

If you’re an old beat up guy and want to continue to train I don’t see why you wouldn’t try everything you can to keep training with some level of comfort.

Still have all original parts.
Yes too old 61. Yes too a bit beat up, but good for my age.
I was taught in the beginning of my training experience 1974, squats were king. The first exercise of the day. Get good at squats and everything else will follow.
So now I’m not ready to let go,just some changes.
I’ll squat a little higher, and take better care of my hips. A little less weight and a little less often.