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Powerlifting books

I wan’t to learn the clean and jerk, and
the snatch. And i would like to have pictures
describing them. Therefore I am thinking about
bying a book. I looked at the Renegade training
book by coach davies, but i don’t know if that book contains descriptions of those exercises.

You want to look for a book on Olympic lifting, not powerlifting. Get a copy of Arthur Drechsler’s Weightlifting Encyclopedia. There is also an accompanying video tape. Both of these are excellent. However, I would first suggest finding a coach in your area to show you the lifts.

I don’t want to sound like a dick, but what you are talking about are the Olympic lifts, not the powerlifts. The powerlifts are bench, squat, and deadlift. The best book ever made on Olympic weightlifting is The Weightlifting Encyclopedia by Arthur Drechsler, and the video he puts out is also top notch. You can check them out at wlinfo.com . Another good one is Explosive Lifting for Sports by Harvey Newton.