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Powerlifting Books?

I was just wondering what books people have used , if any ?
There are quite a few out there, yet as I have experience with
most exercise books some are a lot better then others.
Any suggestions would be great

5/3/1 by jim wendler
books of methods westside barbell

Beyond Bodybuilding by Pavel

Anything by Dan John

starting strength is a great resource because it not only covers how training should be laid out but also gives great detail into how the lifts should be performed.
after that i read practical programming which is a little more technical.

i havent read supertraining but it seems to be a great resource if you are good with the scientific type of read.
Dan John’s book of articles is great if you just need a breath of fresh air or motivation. it makes you want to lift.

Starting Strength
Westside Book of Methods

[quote]Cprimero wrote:
Beyond Bodybuilding by Pavel

Anything by Dan John[/quote]

I havnt looked at these before thank you very much !

Powerlifting Basics, Texas Style by Paul Kelso

The The Purposeful Primitive by By Marty Gallagher is a great book it goes in depth about all the powerlifting legends and how they trained. Dan John recommends it. If you are not familiar who Gallagher he is a powerlifting coach and former competitor who trained quite a few successful powerlifters.

[quote]matrick wrote:
Starting Strength
Westside Book of Methods

I would also add in Jim Wendler’s “Three Days a Week”

I just ordered the purposeful primitive, a stretching book, and 4 text books. The science and principles of strength training by Vladimir Zatsiorsky is good. I also have supertraining but have not read enough of it yet

Are you looking for routines? Technique? Or Motivation? There are different books for each topic.

For programs the 5/3/1 by Wendler does seem to be one of the most popular right now.

what textbooks did you order?

the textbooks I ordered were “The Business of Fitness” , Functional Kinesiology, Introduction to Sports Law and Business" , and " Developing Sucessful Sport Marketing"

are u taking classes? if so, what field exactly?

I am going to the california university of pennsylavania online and will get a Bachelors degree in sport management.