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Powerlifting Book Suggestions


So my wife and I are coming up on our first anniversary (the "paper anniversary") and we've decided to buy each other books. I already have Starting Strength and 5/3/1 and was looking for suggestions on a new book related to training. I was thinking about telling her to get me one of the following.

the Westside Barbell book of Methods
Practical Programming by Rippetoe
Science and the Practice of strength traning.

Any thoughts? Suggestion?


Under the Bar
Dave Tate


Under the Bar is more of a motivational book, not really much to do with actual lifting.

Practical programming isnt really anything special, Its great if your new and need help programing, but 5/3/1 is better.

Supertraining by Dr. Mel Siff is probably the best book on weight training period. I would recommend this book to ANY lifter.

Never Let Go by Dan John is also a great book on training philosophy.

Starting Strength and 5/3/1 + Supertraining = A bad ass lifter. So thats my recommendation.


Beyond bodybuilding by Pavel


I would go with science and practice.... It's easier understood than supertraining.


I've heard that before. While I'm not new to lifting I'm relatively new to "training." I've only be focusing on powerlifting for a little less than a year or so. I got starting strength and 5/3/1 for xmas last year and It's made a huge difference in my training. Before last year I was a half squatting, barbell not touching chest during bench, wrist strap using fool.

I think science and practice would be a good logical step.


Let me throw out "Purposeful Primitive" by Marty Gallagher.

Its got a little powerlifting history, including info on some of the greats, plus training, nutrition, cardio, and the mental game. Its well written by a guy who has competed against, hung out with, and coached some big names.


I have the Westside Barbell Book of Methods and I'd recommend only getting it if you plan on doing Westside style conjugate method training long term. Louie is brilliant, but at times it can be kind of difficult to figure out exactly what he's saying in that book.


What they said but give her a hustler or Penthouse first. Judge her reaction and wing it from there.

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Yeah, go with that one. It's a great book. To me much more useful than WSB book or whatever.


I second this.
Science and Practice is awesome for those interested in the science behind all of this, but for those who just want good information to train, Beyond Bodybuilding is one of the best books out there, IMO.


That is a top-notch recommendation, Mahwah.


Getting the book from amazon. I'll see if they carry any of those fine publications. On an in related note my wife found out they sell sex toys on amazon. Glad I married her


never let go, by Dan John. one of the best books I've ever read, its one you can go back to and re-read plenty of times. Raising/Under the bar are good as well.


The Strongest Shall Survive by Bill Star was a very enjoyable read. A bit dated but informative nonetheless.


Supertraining is the best book that has ever been written regarding strength training.