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Powerlifting Belt Recommendations?

Hello guys,
been lifting for nearly a year now and decided to get a belt after trying on my friend’s one for awhile.

His belt is lever based, 4inch wide, 10mm(might be 13, not sure) thick, so I’m looking to get something along those lines.

Budget is ~$150, not really aiming to be competitive, just need a belt to get things done.

Recently pulling 210 beltless and getting some back rounding and prolly would want the 5 plates pull to be belted.

Suggestions appreciated!

Been using an Inzer 13mm forever lever belt since 2011 with zero complaints.


I have a 13 mm lever belt as well. Mines elitefts brand works very well and they’re very convenient to put on and take off between sets.

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Pioneer fits your budget.

Do you need an ipf approved belt?


what is ipf approved belt?i have no idea about this.i saw a HARBINGER WEIGHT BELT.what do you think about this belt?any idea?

IPF is a powerlifting federation. If you’re not going to compete you don’t have to worry about that. I’ve got no experience with the Harbinger so can’t comment on that one but have used an Inzer 10mm and currently use a Pioneer 10mm.

I wore my Inzer single prong for multiple years and was very pleased with it. Would probably still be wearing it but lost some weight so it was a little too big for me. Decided to give the Pioneer single prong a try and must say I really like it. It’s has the Pioneer cut meaning you can make half-inch adjustments on which hole you buckle the prong in. Pioneer also has numerous options you can add to your belt depending on how much you want to spend.

Most of the well-known powerlifting belts will suit your lifting needs depending on your budget. A lot of it boils down to personal preference.

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I’ve got two IPF approved belts, a single prong Best Belts 10mm Athlete and an Inzer 13mm Forever lever. I got the Best Belt first and it’s custom sized. Super comfortable and very well made. The only drawback is if I put it on tight for a max effort squat or DL it’s a little hard to get off, especially when I’m a little light headed. I got the Inzer because of that but it’s not custom sized so the fit is a little “in between”. One hole seems a little loose while the next is a little too tight. It’s not a big deal training but when I do a meet and have a T-shirt plus the singlet it’s not quite perfect. Others have mentioned the Pioneer single prong. That’s a great choice with lots of custom options. The Harbinger isn’t, IMO, a serious choice. It’s pretty cheesy in comparison to any of the other belts mentioned.

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Didn’t you say you wanted a lever? If you want a prong, I’d get a single - double prong are a pain in the ass.

Pioneer are very good. Inzer are good too, but having both I would go pioneer.

I have this as well and it has been fantastic.

You don’t like Titan anymore?

I do, but pricing is high compared to Pioneer and Inzer while quality isn’t good enough to justify it. They’re good, but too expensive.

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The one complaint I hear about Titan is that the levers seem to break more often than any other brand.

I have an Inzer 13 mm lever belt, I can’t see any belt being better than that unless you have a customized design or something like that. Anything that is significantly more expensive can’t be worth it.

Funny you should say that. My Titan lever broke. No issues getting it replaced though.

TBH I think between Titan, Inzer and Pioneer there isn’t a whole lot of difference in quality. They’re all good. It’s the price that’s the determining factor. I think what sets Pioneer apart is that when you buy a belt, the one you get is YOUR belt because it wouldn’t have been made of you hadn’t ordered it.


I had a look. Assuming you’re in the USA:

Inzer forever lever or buckle 13 mm belt 97 USD plus postage
Titan Brahma 13 mm 129 USD, add 18.50 USD for lever plus postage
Pioneer 13 mm 96-126 USD for buckle, 110-125 USD for lever plus postage

Just based on that it’s between Inzer and Pioneer I think. I paid 125 USD for my 13 mm buckle with Pioneer cut (more adjustability), had I gone with the basic it would’ve been 96 USD.

I’m actually in Canada. There are two Titan distributors and one Inzer distributor here, the prices are comparable to buying direct from the manufacturer. The downside to buying from Pioneer here is that the shipping will cost more since it’s international and then there are import duties, but Pioneer makes good stuff for sure.

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In your case Inzer all the way then.

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Titans come pre-broken in which is friggin great. Don’t know if the other brands do this but if not, that is worth the extra 20 bucks IMO.

I’d say not. My Brahma felt the same out of the box as my Pioneer.

Inzer’s are “Forever” belts. Lifetime warranty.