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Powerlifting Beginner In IL

I’m looking for powerlifting meets in or near central IL. I have never competed in this sport; my competitive history is in bodybuilding. But I’ve made a big switch in my training over the past several months and I want to see how much I can lift in a competition.

Sooo…any suggestions for where to find meets or which federations I’d want to check out? I’m definitely what you would call a beginner, and ideally I’d like to find something that’s drug tested and where I might be able to lift raw.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

I lift APF. Good competition and good meets. Not drug tested and not raw, so probably not what you are looking for. If you are serious about lifting, I hope you at least look into the possibility of equipment- it will give you longevity and protection in this sport.

I would definitely recommend APF; it’s the most supportive federation to up and coming lifters, in my experience.

Also, if you’re in Illinois, you’re in a great state for the APF. The World Powerlifting Congress (founded by Ernie Frantz) is headquartered in Aurora, and Chicago is a good hotbed for powerlifting (www.chicagopowerlifting.com).


Awesome! I’m also in central Illinois and have wondered a little about this. Thanks.

Thank you both for the information! I’ve checked out the websits for APF and Chicago Powerlifting and found some meets that are relatively close to me.

dead_lifter, I’m considering getting equipment. I’m still a bit unsure of what exactly I should get, and a little concenred about the price. My bf is my lifting partner and we’d probably want to try this together, so that would mean 2 bench shirts, 2 singlets, etc.

Take a look at www.powerliftingwatch.com. They list a majority of the available powerlifting federations with a description of each. Additionally, they list many upcoming meets.

If you want to get an idea as to whether or not powerlifting is your thing without a large investment, try an unequipped meet. Your costs would then be limited to a singlet, and maybe a belt and some knee wraps.

how close are you to danville illinois ?

The APF can get kind of freakish with the crazy gear and all.

I’d lift USAPL for the strictest judging and single-ply only. Plus, it’s drug tested (which doesn’t mean drug-free).

Also, multi-ply gear (not including briefs) would be difficult to master for the beginner.

Check NASA I think they have meets in Illinois and are drug tested and have a raw division. I think 100% raw may also have meets in Illinois.
Drug tested feds with Raw option:
100% RAW
USAPL-some meets offer raw lifting

[quote]WS4adumbastard wrote:
how close are you to danville illinois ?

Close- about 45 minutes. I live in Urbana.

you’re that close to the U of I and you’re a buckeye fan ? Do they chase you through C-U with torches? I just moved from danville to Findlay Ohio, about an hour and forty-five minutes from Ohio State, wanna switch ?

If youre near the U of I, they have a powerlifting club. Check out www.illinipowerlifting.org