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Powerlifting Assesment?

I’m 19 years old and i am lloking to start doing meets in the fall/winter season and i was woundering if someone who is knoweledgable and active in the sport can tell me where i am at and how i need to improve for meets. I’ve only been training for 2 years, i weight 295-300.

Bench-405 raw
Squat-600 raw
Deadlift-610 raw

Your numbers are very good given your age and the fact that you haven’t been training very long. They are pretty good even for experienced lifters. One thing to point out is that many new powerlifters don’t realize how strict the form is on squats and bench in a real competition and they overestimate how much they can really lift.

If you want to get into powerlifting checkout these websites, particularly if you like to lift raw like you said. Go to a meet and watch it and/or compete in it and try to find somebody in your area that knows about powerlifting so you can train with them at least some of the time. If you have other questions let me know. Good luck with it, it is a great sport.





Ill second that DAMN fine numbers for your age keep it up get out there and compete


Oh and this will help it list any fed/meet in your area


Edit forgot link


Looks good to me. At your age you could probably claim a few junior titles if you learn to use gear. Keep in mind that your raw squat if done and passed in a USAPL competition would have been in the top five among SHW Mens juniors last year (and those are equipped rankings). That should put your raw gym squat into some perspective.

And your deadlift would probably be in the top 5 as well if performed successfully under meet conditions. At your bodyweight, I think the only weak point is probably your bench, and even that is still pretty good. With your raw gym lifts you have a good shot a being a top junior competitor if you get going now.

Great lifts. Hard to say what to improve on. I think the main thing is to keep training hard; learn as much as you can about various training approaches, and most importantly- train with other powerlifters.