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Powerlifting as a Base for Bodybuilding

Currently doing a routine mixed between starting strength and stronglifts, and was wondering wat people thought of powerlifting used as a base for bodybuilding?

Obviously Trey Brewer is an example who was a powerlifter prior to bodybuilding and will excel greatly seeing as hes made the change (does have awesome genetics!), though he had to bring his upper body up to scratch in comparison. Even ronnie coleman and johnnie jackson do powerlifting/split routines so im guessing i just answered my own questions but still… ideas?

Im not trying to bring up the FB vs split debate, but powerlifting routines as a base could be useful due to the changes frequent heavy lifting does to the body. Any more bodybuilder examples?

this article is also alright about the transition between the two :slight_smile:


why don’t you just use bodybuilding as a base for bodybuilding?

I wouldn’t really call it powerlifting to build a base, but more strength training.

Personally I think this is the way to go.

A number of bodybuilders lifted heavy for a number of years before becoming bodybuilders. Arnold was one. They didn’t really do powerlifting, just lifted heavy ass weights.

[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:
why don’t you just use bodybuilding as a base for bodybuilding?[/quote]

I would echo what HolyMacaroni is saying here.