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Powerlifting Articles


hey guys, what are some good powerlifting articles you can recommend? i want to know baisic lifts and how to perform them. thanks


Go to elitefts and westside-barbell.

For this site, look under authors and find Dave Tate. Now read all of his articles, especially the 8 keys 4 part series. Re-read it all many times. Use the search questions function over at elitefts to search archives of questions you have because they most likely have been answered many times before.

Its very important you read until you understand things, and never stop learning.


Elitefts is an excellent source of info but for you to learn HOW TO DO the lifts you MUST have somebody coaching you. Done right squat and DL are great but done with bad form they can really ruin your day (and the rest of your life).

If you go to DieselWeazel's thread you can download his videos to get an example on how NOT to lift.

Form is everything!


in addition to the above also google Boris Sheiko and Stefan Korte.

When you're done, do the same with metal militia.

You should then be in possession of the most popular powerlifting training approaches.

None is better than the other. Not all may suit you. Experiment and see where you end up.