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Powerlifting and Thick Left Ventricle

I m a competitive Powerlifter… Haven’t had any serious injuries …touch wood… Got an overall check done today and the doc said my echo showed a thick LV…everything else is all good my ef is at 56% but LV is at 16mm which is on the upper normal level… I m blown…but the doc was not sport certified… Is it normal for powerlifters?

Probably not, but I doubt anybody on here knows anything about this. Is that a health risk?

I’m not trying to dx anything or suggest I am qualified to dx anything just commenting.

The left side of your heart is responsible for pumping blood to vast majority of your body, skeletal muscle, organs etc. rift side pumps blood to your lungs.

Left ventricle is much larger than the right because of the amount of work it does. I believe athletes on average have slightly thicker ventricul walls. You said your dr isn’t sport certified maybe contact one that is for second opinion.

Again I’m not trying to say that’s what it is for sure just saying I believe that’s not uncommon. If it was 2x it’s normal size then no that’s probably not normal

Well not right now… The thing is I m not sure if the chamber itself is growing… Then it’s a health risk… I ll have to do a few more checks I guess and talk to a better doctor

It’s not 2x more than normal it’s about 3-4mm thicker than normal… So havent had any chest pain or anything like than…

I have definitely heard of this before. Found a few links I have read in the past. Not a DR. just interesting.


Wow…great read.thanks for that. I am gonna see a cardiologist Next Week… Will let you guys know what he says🙏

Quick update…finally got an appointment with The best cardiologist in the country… So he did another echo…apparently the 1st guy had measured it wrong…fml… It’s only 12mm …he said to continue training as usual…thanks guys