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powerlifting and supplements

Since powerlifters work more on there nervous system for lifting weights and dont lift like bodybuilders who break down muscle tissue, yes i know powerlifters do to but not to the extent that bodybuilders do. Is it necessary to take all the supplements that bodybuilders do, if not what should powerlifters take? thanks for your help

Im pretty sure i break down a significant amount of muscle. Im pretty much sore all of the time. Stick with what works for you. Most powerlifters not only use reps in the low range but also in the higher rep range.

It really depends on what your bodyweight goals are with powerlifting…The foundational supplements should be about the same (examples: vitamins, protein, mrps, creatine, etc) But if you’re worried about being too heavy or too light the more room you have to play with in your weight class the more muscle building type supplements you can take as extra mass helps with strength. At the same time, if you need to lose weight the more “fat burning” supplements you can/should take. The one thing that powerlifters need more of is neural enhancing supplements for example…caffeine, powerdrive, eca stacks, acetyl-l-carnitine etc. If you care to dig Charles Poliquin had a q&a a few years back on this exact subject. In my opinion, even though powerlifters often have less disciplined eating habits then bodybuilders they’d be better off using the same type of meal content, planning, and structure although with much less stringent dieting.