Powerlifting and Pregnancy

My wife has been powerlifting for a year now and was planning on a meet in October. We found out today that she is pregnant and estimate her to be about 5 months pregnant by the meet. Its a bench/deadlift/squat meet and her lifts now are 185/250/250. Does anyone know about the effects of powerlifting and pregnancy? We know lifting normally is safe for pregnant women but what about maxing out in the big 3? Any ideas and info would be greatly appreciated.

Way too risky to be powerlifting at 5-months (pregnancy). A pregnant woman’s routine will change significantly at each trimester. As the pregnancy progresses, the level of intensity should decrease - and the types of exercises should also change. I need to do a little more research, and I’ll post again with a little more specific information.

Oh, and have you folks checked with her Obgyn? He/She will be able to let you know FOR SURE.

I dun think it is safe seriously, although I dun know much abt pregnancy cos I’ve got a little brother down there. I feel that pregnant women should not be over-exerting themselves. Powerlifting when she is 5 months pregnant? Do you think your wife would be able to handle that? I’m sure you do not want a premature baby

i wouldn’t let my wife powerlift when she’s pregnant. i have no evidence of it being bad for the baby, but it just doesn’t sound like a good idea.

I hate to be a killjoy, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Exercise in the supine position (e.g. bench press) is contraindicated after the first trimester. This position is related to decreased cardiac output in pregnant women. And, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), “Because the remaining cardiac output will be preferentially distributed away from splanchnic beds (including the uterus) during vigorous exercise, such regimens are best avoided during pregnancy.”

ACOG also recommends that pregnant women should avoid exercising to exhaustion, and instead terminate sessions when fatigue sets it.

They also recommend that any exercise with the potential for even mild abdominal trauma be avoided. I believe that they are referring primarily to actual contact, but I would be curious to see how the activation of the obliques and abs as stabilizers would be viewed. <P.
Also, it is important to take into account morphological changes that occur during pregnancy. Your wife’s weight gain can predispose her to a loss of balance and coordination, both of which are of the utmost importance in max effort lifts. This is usually due to the increase in lumbar lordosis can cause a shift in the woman’s center of gravity. that

Interestingly, though, ACOG states that “Weight-bearing exercises may under some circumstances be continued at intensities similar to those prior to pregnancy throughout pregnancy.” As such, I would definitely check with your doctor to be sure. I’m sure that both you and your wife are putting the baby’s health first. In my opinion, your best bet is to have her maintain a moderate intensity program that avoids max lifts and contraindicated positions. Doing so will not only enable her to get back to powerlifting after she gives birth, but it will also help her during the pregnancy. Prenatal exercise programs may facilitate recovery from labor, quicken the recovery period to pre-pregnancy weight, strength, and flexibility levels, shorten the actual labor period and reduce pain during it, reduce the number of obstetric interventions, improve digestion, reduce constipation, increase energy, reduce “postpartum belly,” and lessen back pain during pregnancy. Best of luck to you and your T-Vixen!

NO, it is NOT safe. Why don’t you talk to her DOCTOR instead of takeing ANY chances.

A competition is unimportant in the big picture of a child. Womens hips become a little more ‘lax’ due to hormonal changes as well, so heavy squats may be a bit hard on the joints.
Check with her doctor/midwife, as they should be able to provide some information, but I suspect most would recommend agaist heavy lifting at that point in pregnancy, especially 1rm.

One time I was straining really hard on a max squat, veins popping out, eyes bugging, blood pressure through the roof when I suddenly found myself giving birth on the way up. The baby shot out of me. Fortunately I wasn’t wearing my suit or my groove briefs, so it got free and fell out my shorts leg. The point is that you could possibly give birth when squatting. It happened to me, and I’m male and always use contraception. Thank you.

I am new on the forum and felt compelled voice my opinion on this matter. I am the mother of 2 children and a serious weightlifter, although I don’t compete (other than me verses the weight). I know that everyone handles pregnancy differently, so I don’t want to suggest that what was right for me will be right for your wife. I talked it over with my OB/GYN and she said to listen to my body and continue to the activities that I had been doing and to not start anything new. My workouts consisted of Olympic lifts,squats and their varitions and the usual assortment of upper body exercises. I worked out (lifted) 3 times a week and did some cardio on the other two weekdays. I did very little on the weekends. I didn’t have any complications and continued to lift normally. The only modification I had to make was to gradually decrease the intensity on the lifts and by the 7th month had to do all my Olympic movements from a hang position or from blocks due to the increasing size of my belly. I had 2 c-sections and was told to not lift for 2 weeks afterwards and then I could start back up with lighter lifting for 4 weeks and then resume my normal routine. I gained a total of 20 lbs with both pregnancy and after the 2 week lay off was about 8 lbs lighter than before I got pregnant. I feel like the lifting helped me have a more comfortable and fit pregnancy and an easier recovery. I suppose everyone is different, but I don’t want you to think that it is impossible to lift aggressively when you get pregnant. Talk to your doctor and best of luck.

Herb I’ll be frank with you, you my friend are an idiot, and believe me I would love to use stronger language but given the rules of the forum if I did I doubt my response would be posted! I mean for Christ’s sake, you’re asking for advice on a topic which NO-ONE AND I REPEAT NO-ONE who visits this forum is qualified to provide. Those who do are dangerously deluded irresponsible fools. Those with degrees in medicine would never provide advice in such an arena, knowing the criminal irresponsibility of providing any information, which, without having a complete physical work-up of your wife in front of them is bound to be incomplete and also potentially very dangerous. God you’re talking about an activity that may or may not have disastrous affects on the health of both your unborn child and your wife, and this is where you come to for answers??? GO TO YOUR DOCTOR!!!