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Powerlifting and MAG-10

Hi all. I have a goal to compete for the first time in a bench competition next june. My current PR is 315 (no bench shirt). I have 3 bottles of MAG-10 left as well as 5 bottles of 4AD-EC and I am wondering how to best space out the use of them in reaching my goal of 400. My stats are as follows I am 5’8" 215lbs and 14-16% BF I am currently taking in around 2200 to 2600 Cal/day with 220g p. I would also appreciate any suggestion on timing as well since I work nights and from 6pm to 6am and wake up around 2:30pm.

When would it be best for me to take the MAG-10 and how would I cycle the 4AD-EC? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Rich