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Powerlifting and Dieting?

Is it ok to do a powerlfting routine while dieting to lose some bodyfat? Has anyone had any success with doing it?


You can diet and do whatever you want. Just be aware that performance may be hampered while on a calorie restrictive diet. I would just throw in a couple of cardio workouts a week.

I have had great success using complexes as cardio. For example, I do 5 sets of the following complex:

Front squat; overhead press; bentover rows; powercleans

I do 5 reps of each exercise with no rest in between and I rest at the end for about 90 - 120 secs. This usually has me winded after each set and in just under 12 min my cardio workout is over.

You can add more exercises, reps, or sets as your conditioning allows. I plan on adding as I go on with this regimen. As I said I have had some good success with this while dieting in the last 4 weeks. This workout allows me to keep my calories around 3000 (I weigh 270) so that I can still lift big.

[quote]gnew70 wrote:
Is it ok to do a powerlfting routine while dieting to lose some bodyfat? Has anyone had any success with doing it?[/quote]

Yes but it’s not easy. I decided to drop a weight class for a PL meet and was in a similar situation.

Of course, since you’re not prepping for a competition, it’s a little easier. The best method I’ve found is carb cycling.

I’m assuming a 4-day/week PL-style training protocol?

Stay low carb/low calorie on your three non-lifting days and do a ton of slow cardio like walking. These days must be below maintenance calories.

Go moderate carb/maintenance calories on your DE days. Carbs at breakfast and PWO only.

Go high carb/slightly above-maintenance calories on your ME days. Carbs at breakfast, meal before workout, and PWO.

You can make strength gains this way, but keep in mind your goal is to lose fat…SO…your total weekly calorie intake must be less than what you expend.

This is just an idea…there are many more.

I think it’s a great idea. If your goal it to get mega strong, I’d say this diet idea isn’t going to work well. However, beyond that I think it could have interesting results. Given what we know about fat loss, it seems pretty clear the short bursts of high intensity movements are very condusive to fat loss, so it really should be a nice blend.
I my .02$ is train really friggin hard like your training for a meet and see what happens. It has happened to me where I dropped weight and simoltaneously improved performace. The human body can be wierd sometimes. Any try it and let us know how it went, I am curious about your results.

Appreciate the responses, I will be doing the anabolic diet along with the routine.