Powerlifting and Cardio

I am getting more serious about lifting and am planning to do several meets during the next year and possibly move up a weight class. The gym where I go though also offers boxing class (it’s also a fighting gym). I don’t plan on becoming a boxer or anything it just seems like something that would be fun to learn.

Would doing 2 1-hour classes a week have a negative effect on strength and weight gains or recovery?

Um yes it very likely could. If ons over all goal is to get dog strong in the three lifts. It could also be great way to stay conditioned if not over done, if you eat for it and rest for it as well. Try it and find out if its having a neg. impact make a decision on whats most important


I powerlift and believe cardio is very important for recovery and stamina in a meet. I also work the heavy, speed, water, uppercut bags for 20 mins once a week after my DE bench day in place of treadmill work. The other types of cardio work I do is tire flips and sledge hammer work after ME squat day. Other than that I just walk on the treadmill 30 mins 2 to 3 times a week on a good incline to make it harder.

Now 1 to 2 hours of boxing will get you in the best shape of your life, but your elbows and forearms will take the brunt of the impact and your bench my suffer from pain in those spots. I can’t see your recovery being very good if your training hard for PL’ing to get ready for meets.

Your going to have to try it out and see. Same with me, I go into muay thai 1 month from now and I’m going to cut my main workouts (4) to 3 days a week. On muay thai days is when I do grip work/any rehab.

Also I deload every 3 weeks, so if you want you could perhaps do one wave of Bench, Squat, Dead (mon, wed, fri for example). Then on your next wave after you deload you could focus on bench 2x a week, and squat once a week. When you squat once a week, you could do more running and such to bring up your cardio. Etc etc. Just some thought.

running will kill your squat. boxing will kill your bench. find something a little more low impact. rowing, walking lunges, sprints, tire flipping

If you are a powerlifter you don’t need cardio…DUH

Side note you common sense and think about it your self. If you were serious about powerlifting I think it is a pretty obvious answer.

I suppose you guys are right. I can always pick up a sport at a recreational level later but I only have 1 year left in the Junior Category and I want to make the most of it. Thanks to everyone for your replies.

hitting the bag for 10 min can be a good and fun warm up/cardio.

but running around for 10 hours and taxing your muscles for stamina is not what you want to do for power lifting.