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Powerlifting and Appetite


Help!! I can't stop eating.

  I'm in my third week of Sheiko prep and my appetite is going nuts.  I'm eating all the damn time and its beginning to show.  I'm turning into a fatter ass than I already was!

Any suggestions from you experienced powerlifters out there would be greatly appreciated.


gain the weight get dog ass strong and use it as leverages.
If you want to stay at a lower weight class quit eating so damn much LOL, try to load up on veggies



Thanks Phill.....I bought a couple of bags of veggies this morning. I'll see if I can manage to stay out of the vending machines today.

BTW, I'm not actually going to compete in powerlifting (except with myself). I had gotten to the point of running blind with my training and Sheiko seems to be the ticket to the structured approach I am needing to start seeing gains again. So far its working.