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Powerlifting Ain't a Strength Tester


I have been meaning to ask… how many full meets have you done so far and in what Fed?


3 meets in the federation of bodybuilding and fitness of kosovo. Its a disgrace to everything powerlifting should be,judging is absolute shit,and technique doesnt exist. There isnt any other fed or comp not just in my country but in the nearest 5 countries either.


ok…thanks for answering



My geography isnt too good… but I’m sure there are IPF affiliates in Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, and Italy. You’re also exactly 5 countries away from Poland, Austria, and Ukraine. I’m also sure Turkey as one too.

I know it’s not cheap to travel to these countries, but possibly something to look into. When I fought Muay Thai, I knew of a kid in Norway who had to do above the waist kickboxing in the UK because Muay Thai wasn’t sanctioned, possibly even outlawed to my knowledge, in his home country or neighboring countries at the time.


Need a VISA for all of those. Maybe ill go study in germany hopefully.


We don’t call it powerwhinging for no reason :stuck_out_tongue:


Visa required for all??


Serbian Fed: http://www.spf.rs/ - Travel is possible on a Kosovan ID card
Romanian Fed: www.romaniapowerlifting.ro
Bulgarian Fed: http://powerlifting-bg.com/bpl/


I recommend you to think about lifting this way: bench pressing itself is a man-made test of strength, no matter how you judge it. If you favor so deeply “natural, pure and primitive” forms of movement, why don’t you participate in sports like swimming, running and throwing? Or even grip sports. There is no way to “cheat” in 100 m dash, javelin throw or farmer’s hold.

It is completely fine to have preferences and personal philosophies about lifting and stuff, but don’t blame the game or players. All this sounds very disrespectful. You have plenty of options, if you don’t like the real spirit of powerlifting – which very much includes optimizing your ROM and leverages within the rules. This is actually quite natural way to demonstrate strength. If there was a tree trunk fallen on your pet dog, wouldn’t you utilize the easiest manner possible to lift it off?


Remember that powerlifting is about the total. The guys putting up huge numbers in the bench (barrel chested / short arms) also have to deadlift to get a total.

People seem inclined to complain about a bencher with a 12" rom, but nobody complains about the deadlifter that locks out right above the knee.

I have the big bench style build, but when I deadlift, the bar is damn near above my unit.


I do. Damn you @Vincepac1500!!!

He also benches almost 400 at 190-something. Hydraulics?


that’s one thing i really do love about powerlifting. Favorable leverages for one lift are detrimental to at least one of the other two. I always complain about my long arms for bench press, but forget that i’m deadlifting on easymode.


Ok I know I’m late to the party, and I know I’m the smallest, weakest, youngest, least experienced lifter in here by a lot, but, I’ll still give my (pretty much worthless) opinion as a fan of powerlifting. First off, I think pulling sumo and big arches 100% should be allowed. Neither of them help everyone that much, otherwise we wouldn’t see crazy lifts like these.

Also, some people can’t safley or comfortably pull conventional, and nobody can bench safely with a perfectly flat back (from what I understand). But… I do think that huge bench arches, while they should remain legal, are probably not good from the standpoint of mainstream attention to powerlifting. If powerlifting one day made it onto tv, for example, a few drunk friends sitting on the couch might have a lot of fun watching Russel Orhii and Brett Gibbs battle it out like they did at IPF worlds, but would probably change the channel and laugh if they saw this because they don’t understand.

I don’t think the same could be said for sumo deadlifts, however. I think anyone could find yury Belkin deadlifting entertaining

And as far as powerlifting not being a real way of testing strength, I think that’s totally crazy because to display strength in only 3 lifts, whatever those lifts are, you should become as technically proficiently at those lifts as possible.


At my first powerlifitng meet, I had to explain to my wife why people were allowed to deadlift sumo. She thought it was cheating, with no prompting from me.

I think if everyone pulls 1 way no one will care, but mixed styles will always breed some confusion.


If someone is doing something that is in the rule book, it is, by definition, not cheating.

It’s like saying that soccer players who header the ball are cheating, or cyclists who wear tight clothes are cheating.

The most successful people in sports are the ones who use all the advantages they can get within the rules of the sport. It’s not cheating, it’s playing smart.

Could you explain it to me? Are you also aloud to substitute front squat for back squat?


Rules wouldn’t allow a front squat, because it states the bar has to be on your back.

Sumo fits within the technical rules of what is a deadlift.


Shit. That’s what I’m missing. I got the old part, but have been using leg drive.

Mad props for the sumo guys. I tried switching and got my form into decent shape, but I’m just not as strong sumo. It would probably take another year of sumo training to get it up to my conventional. I think partly due to build and partly b/c all the westside I’ve been trained on emphasizes posterior chain so much to the exclusion of quads (or so it seems).

If all powerlifters tested their maxes on both conventional and sumo, then picked the one they are stronger on to use in competition, then I guess we are all cheaters.


Not doing what allows you to lift the most weight (within the rules) for reasons of perceived moral superiority is a sign of being an idiot. Nothing is fair. Being stronger than other people isn’t fair, and it’s the whole point of this sport.


If that was the point of the sport we wouldnt have split categories of males and females,then the weight classes,then the junior and sub junior.


Are you looking to start another dumb argument?

If being stronger than other people isn’t the point of the sport then how come the winner is decided by who lifts the most weight? The fact that there are different categories doesn’t negate that, to win a category you have to lift more than everyone else in that category.

You need to stop arguing with people and try to learn something. You obviously know nothing and your opinion is worthless, so rather than making a fool of yourself you should learn from more experienced people. There is plenty of information available for free online, starting shit in a forum might be entertaining but it won’t get you very far in life.