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Powerlifting After Back Injury?


I suffered a back injury (compression fracture) back in January of this year. My car rolled over and I mildly fractured my L4 vertebrae. I wore a brace for 10 weeks and at 12 weeks my doc let me return to work (labor job). It has now been 10 months since the injury and I have been lifting for about a month, nothing to heavy, just light deadlifts, benches and front squats.

Anyone have any advise? Similar injuries? Is it safe to lift 10 months after a mild back injury? I'm not going to end up paralyzed? I should also state that after lifting for a month now that my back doesn't hurt all that bad anymore. I just don't want to really screw anything up.


I’m afraid this one is over my head. From what I have read, even older, out of shape people usually heal up relatively well in 12 months from a compression fracture. I’m guessing you are in good shape and likely were ok for lifting by month 4-6. I would bet dollars to donuts that training light and increasing poundages and/or volume conservatively is not only safe but helpful. However, I would check with a doc (preferably one that is knowledgeable about powerlifting) and tell them that you would like to start powerlifting. Good luck.