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Powerlifting 17yrs Old @ 242

Goals: 605 squat by October (Switch to monolift, and get 2.5 knee wraps instead of 2.0 which i have atm.)
315 Bench Press by October (Bench is my weakest lift by far i am at around 240 atm.)
Deadlift: 600 (Im at around 480 at the moment)

Im also planning on getting eric lilliebridge as my coach.

my lifts right now are
Around 440 squat (walked out and 2.0 knee wraps)
Around 240 bench press (weakest lift by far)
and around a 480 deadlift.

do you guys think i am over shooting my goals.

Please look up my account on Youtube under “Mikey Samson” for more videos
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll just say its going yo be a long and difficult road if you make it. You have the bodyweight on your side but if I were you I would not be using wraps this early. Thats false strength and your not even solidly over 400lbs those 395 reps were rough. And last rep your back couldn’t support the weight. Use sleeves or bare knees and put in time. Cant expect to reach 600lb squat and dead in a year. I’m going on 8 years though at 181 and have not hit a 600 squat Yet and pulled 600 for the first time last year, though now up to 655 because I discovered I’m literally built to pull sumo and recently made the switch officially

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I know I shouldn’t be comparing myself to others but somehow the top guy in the rps 242 AM and 17 years old squats 630 benches 350 pulls 600 and is around 222. Isn’t that absolutely insane.

Three to five years for the squat, one to two years for bench (or longer possibly, for some people bench takes a long, long time to go up) and three to five years for the deadlift. Or it could take less time, but my experience has been that for squats, the 500 to 550 lbs jump is big (still working on it), breaking 300 lbs consistently on bench is hard if you’re under 242 and won’t be a cakewalk even if you’re over that and going from 550 to 600 lbs in the deadlift is far from easy.

A lot depends on the quality of your training. Avoiding getting beaten up will be key, as will focusing on the right things which includes rep capacity with sub-maximal weights.

At a guess, you have a chance of hitting one of those within two years, but the other two may take.much longer.