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Powerlifters with Best Physique


I know that if you're a powerlifter, you don't really care about how your calves and biceps look, but I'm just getting some opinions. There was a similar thread about which athletes have the best physiques. I'm wondering which powerlifter has the best physique. And no, Johnnie Jackson and Stan Efferding don't count.



Matt Kroc?

Though if Stan doesn't count, then how can Matt?

There are lots of fit PLers.


wellllllllllll beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I am saying Chuck Vogelpohl.
I would totally do him.


Robert Palmer, Olech.


Kirk Karwoski is surprisingly lean for his size...Sam "Big" Byrd is pretty ridiculous too. It's been awhile since I've been involved with the sport but at one time he was the lightest man to squat 1000, he was a bodybuilder too


But Stan is a powerlifter...




Hannah Johnson. Just sayin


Molly Edwards!!

Matt Kroc is looking pretty stacked atm aswell


These guys.


Ausby Alexander


Konstantin Konstantinovs is an obvious name in this discussion. If old school lifters are ok I would like to mention Vince Anello too, he had a very solid physique.



(How do I upload multiple pics in the same post?)




And let's not forget J.M Blakely.


Did you draw on that outrageous moustache yourself??? I can't believe that anyone would sculpt a body like that and then decorate it with that thing.... :slightly_smiling:


Stan's a bodybuilder first. He just happens to be fuckin' strong.



That mustache can probably bench 4 wheels all on its own!