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Powerlifters Who Had Low Back Surgery?

Hello fellas,

I’m having some kinda bad time here…

I will be really really brief to prevent boring:

  1. I took Rx and MRI because I have lower back problems since always.

  2. Results show that my lower back issues came since I was born, powerlifting and sports didn’t injure me but contributed with time.

  3. My lower back problems prevent me of getting stronger or breaking world records.

  4. Dr. says I need surgery since it is a congenital problem. Dr. never encouraged me on getting back to compete again or do pretty much any sport ever again.

  5. Dr. said 1 year after surgery I can lift heavy again… but again, he encourage me over and over again to stop every sport forever. (I didn’t like that coming from him).

[B]Are any powerlifters out there with lower back surgery? [/B]
I’m also trying to find the best surgeon, an athletes surgeon, maybe someone who treats mainly weightlifters, powerlifters, NFL players… I read something about the Denver Broncos surgeon that did surgery in a powerlifter who broke a world record 10 months post surgery.


Look up Stuart McGill. He’s not a surgeon, but he is the world’s leading back specialist and works with all kinds of athletes, including powerlifters. He fixed Brian Carroll’s back.


Get a second and third opinion, talk to people outside of surgeons.

Stuart McGill is an excellent resource. Dont’ just take the Dr’s words on things, listen, research, research, research some more, try other options, then if you have to surgery.

Make sure Surgery is the best bet for you.

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I will try to contact this Stuart McGill, thank you very much bro… anything is appreciated.

That’s great advise as well… I shouldn’t just go with the first Dr. opinion and surgery should be as you say, my last bet anytime. I’ll try to do my best on researching over and over again. Although, I find it hard to find let’s say the “NFL” Drs, Olympics Drs… and so on… But I’ll do my best with research.

thank you man