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Powerlifters Who Cycle in the Off-Season Then Compete TESTED?

For you guys out there, do you know or have known powerlifters who compete TESTED, but in the off-season hop on a cycle (whatever that maybe)?

Guy in my gym I was talking to is a Dutch national chamption (tested) but he was telling me that before he did that meet, he would run cycles of test in his off season. Honestly, it didnt bother me.

But, just curous, any of you guys know anyone in the same situation?

Dude, just hop on gear at this point.

But yes, I have known a few cheaters.


It bothered you enough to start this thread

You’re asking the wrong questions. Is this Crime Stoppers?

Obviously there are people who compete tested and take drugs in the offseason, as well as meet prep and right through the meet. If you know someone who does that and they trust you enough to tell you and you turn around and broadcast that online then you sound like a big snitch. If these people openly admit to anyone and everyone what they are doing then I don’t see why they would compete tested in the first place.

People are going to cheat. If you want to compete then either accept that you might lose to someone who cheated by taking drugs, or just take drugs yourself so there is no injustice to complain about.

People who do steroids but compete tested have tiny peepees.


Rule of thumb .

Running cycles in untested Fed’s is fine
Doing so in tested makes you a cheat. Now doing so in a Fed that market itself as 100% drug free makes one a bitch.


Well, I guess one could say: *

> well in tested feds, some people are still cheating, so if I join in, I can help even the playing field for myself just a little bit more

I find that logic only applies to untested Fed’s.

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Why not tested?

Anyways, I am probably going to go the untested route soon. I want to know that I lost doing everything I could. I can live with not winning if I knew I did everything possible, including enhancements. In a tested fed, there is always that possibility that you didnt make podium because someone was brave enough, risky enough to juice up and take the plunge. There is always that doubt in a natural fed and I am not sure I could mentally deal with that long term without driving myself crazy.

Well that’s obviously a choice you have to make on your own. Most experience guys who been around aren’t going to judge you.


I assume you are enhanced? Just curious. If you are, did you ever make the switch or just begin enhanced?

Competed 100 percent drug free


In a society with laws, some people break them. Your thoughts?

It honestly blows my mind how wrapped up you are about using steroids to win a local name. Your handle is “weightliftingwithoutlimits” and here you have severely limited yourself.


dam bro, you a big dude for natty status.

For me I want it to be a little more than just a hobby. Drugs are a serious part of my free time thinking.

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How many sanctioned meets have you competed in?

absolutely none. lol

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Weird you answered this question but not the other one I asked.

Get into the sport first.

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I take drugs seriously too.

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In that you take them or think about taking them?

I’m old in perma bulk mode from a family big men and been doing this crap on and off since I was a teenager so its not a big deal.

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