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Powerlifters: Where Do You Put Your Back Work?

Where do you guys put your back work? On bench day? Deadlift day? Both? I am running 5/3/1 and am looking for the ideal place to put it. Just wondering what you guys do so I can steal an idea if I like it.

Honestly, I do it every time Im in the gym. It may just be 1 or 2 exercises, but my back gets worked atleast 4 times a week. I like pulldowns of some sort for squat days, usually before squatting and then after ill do pullthroughs or back extensions. Bench days are when I do rows as my lower back isnt completely trashed from pulling or squatting heavy. I hope this helps.

upper back on bench day
lower back on squat day
both upper and lower on deadlift day

I’m on 5/3/1 as well. I usually do chins and seated machine row (CG handle)or Kroc rows on press day, Light trunk ext on deadlift day and pull ups and bent over rows on bench day.

same here, I train back on every workout.