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Powerlifters: What's Your Honest Diet?


I’ve recently added some food into my diet

  1. Coffee, protein bar, fruit(eggs & bacon on weekends when I have time to cook)
  2. Pack of tuna
  3. Ground Beef or Chicken, rice, veggies
  4. Ground beef or chicken, rice veggies
  5. Cup of coffee, 2Tbs peanut butter, granola bars(or fruit)
  6. Beef or Chicken, rice or baked potato(regular or sweet), veggies

Some of these are subject to change. I also include cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and some other stuff in my diet. I also try to drink around a gallon of water daily.

On the weekends I have a few cheat meals


If you are planning to become a powerlifter, obviously you need performance enhancement and weight management nutrition. You need to eat more than enough calories, to help build muscle tissue. Any food that gives you carbs is recommended. Giving yourself caloric range is necessary. It all depends on the weight you are already carrying. 2900- 3100kcal could do the job.