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Powerlifters: What's Your Honest Diet?

Hey guys so what everyones diet… as powerlifters I know most of us do not care about abs, how often do you eat cheeseburgers etc I try to stay 80% clean daily but trying to put on weight I seem to be hammering double cheeseburgers post workout…

Terrible but enough calories and protein lol

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I don’t powerlift anymore, but my diet then was pretty much the same as now.

I’m trying to put on weight now, and this is my daily routine

0445-Wake up, eat 2 cookies and train

0630-2 cups of mixed berries, 2 scoops of protein, 2 tablespoons of PB2, a serving of fat free greek yogurt and 1 cup of skim milk all mixed together, along with 2 scoops or raw honey

0900-2 beef ribs

1200-1 can of sundried tomatoes, a lot of kale and some sort of meat all mixed together into a salad

1700-A lot of meat and veggies

1900-3/4 cup of full fat cottage cheese w/2 tablespoons of PB2 and half an avocado

On non-training days, I skip the cookies and the 0630 meal is a shake with 3/4 cup of full fat greek yogurt, some 2% milk, some cream, 2 scoops of protein and 2 scoops of whey

I allow myself 1 cheat meal a week. These days, it’s typically a 3 entree meal at Panda express with veggies instead of rice. When I get burgers, I knife and fork them and skip the bun.


If your diet is 20% cheeseburgers then that’s still 80% clean.

Worry more about calories and nutrients than the supposed “cleanness” of any food, you can get fat on anything if you eat too much of it.


Right now I’m just kind of maintaining so I’ll have low days and high days. I usually try and eat reasonable but I’ll slam some crap once in a while when I feel like I want it. I generally try and eat whole foods most of the time.

IMO, diets are typically goal oriented but like now for me doing maintenance, I typically gain easily so I pull back most of the time and when I drop a few I go ahead and have whatever I want; gain it back and then pull back again.

You might be wanting an example of foods too? So this week I ate a lot of greens(salad mix) with protein supps and a little bit of bread. Down 3-4 lbs so Fri I had Hot Head Burrito(kinda like Chipotle but way better) and Saturday I had 5-6 donuts and a couple slices pizza during the day and two sirloin hamburgers for dinner.

If I try and drop BW I will keep the cals in the 1500-2000 range particularly since I do no cardio and I find that my training doesn’t drop off getting plenty of protein during that time. Then once a week for one meal I’ll have whatever I want(usually no sugary stuff and more like meat/potatoes) up to 3000 cals in one meal. I still lose about 1-2lbs week doing that.

I’ve never tried to gain weight eating “clean” so I can’t really help you out there.

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Typical day for me right now

1/2 cup dry oatmeal cooked in milk (3/4 cup)
Banana and handful of walnuts or almonds
Two scoop protein shake w water
Creatinine In shake and fish oil caps

Bcaas and a piece of fruit (apple or orange)

6-8 oz chicken
6-8 g jasmine rice cooked in broth
1/2 cup mixed veggies

Fruit (apple)
2 scoop protein shake

If I am working out:
Honey and a shake(1 scoop) pre
bcaas during but I’m switching to a new intra
Protein double and honey post

6-8 oz protein
Sweet potato

Late snack:
Handful of nuts
Double scoop protein maybe milk maybe not

But I’m cutting sort of. When bulking I’ll add milk to all the shakes and increase the meat serving sizes.

Usually take out once a day. Just had some cinnamon buns for breakfast. Got a page of coupons for burger king so making my way through that. I probably have the worst diet on here.


Trying to hold onto 235lbs body weight.

6oz Pork Chops
2 Eggs
20oz Whole Milk
1 cup grits w/ butter (140ish carbs)

10oz chicken thighs or quarters, beef or pork chops
1 cup rice (140ish carbs) cooked in chicken broth add butter, salt and dextrose as wanted.

Pretty much same as above at lunch. If being lazy a box of mac and cheese and I’ll add some vegetables (50g of protein and 150g of carbs for $1.70)

Before Bed
20oz of whole milk
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhich

Post training
10g of whey
30g of karbolyn
600mg of sodium
10g creatine

About 200g of protein little more on training days
500g of carbs little more on training days.
200g of fat
4600 calories on offday


I got back and forth. Ill feel too fat and clean it up for a few weeks then ill go back to eating whatever. If a meet is coming up ill get pudgy to lift more weight.

Oh, one mainstay in my diet is whole milk. Half gallon a day.

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Last I heard you switched to keto since you were borderline diabetic, what happened with that?

Me and you both brother. I fucking live on pop tarts, red meat and fast food. My goddamn lock screen is a beefy crunch burrito from taco bell


I’m South Asian, so mad rice and curry. Usually greek yogurt and waffles with peanut butter for breakfast, pasta and marinara pre workout.

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That was a while back. I’m still on metformin 2000mg a day. Has helped alot. Also found upping my fats drastically has helped. I still have bad days with sugar falls if I don’t pay attention and eat right. But, I’m doing alot better. I think the super high carb and very low fat diet lead to it more than anything. I was up to 1000g of carbs and 45g of fat for a long time. I looked amazing for me and was strong as hell but wasn’t worth how bad I felt.


It kind of shifts according to school and work.

If it’s a full day of class and then work, I’ll get up earlier. Whole grain waffle, couple of sausages, half a jar of salsa. However much water I wish to drink

Somewhere around 12-1pm I’ll go to campus cafeteria and stock pile a bunch of salad and toppings, decent sized thing of blueberry tea, and these cool peanut butter chilled bar thingys.

Late afternoon I’m rushing from school to get to work, and I just eat a bag of trail mix I keep in my car and water bottles.

If I get a break during work I just walk around eating samples. Another bottle of water

By the time I get home it’s either 12-1am and I’m tired so I just have an Electrolyte drink.

I stopped counting calories and go by how I feel. If I’m still full, I’ll cut out the trail mix, or skip eating at work. If I’m still hungry I’ll make myself stay up and make something when I get home. Usually it’s chicken, veggies, and half a jar of salsa. I have this habit of drinking salsa out of the can. Don’t know why.

When it’s getting towards that time of the month concerning mentruation, my entire appetite often shifts. During the first few days I’m not hungry so I’ll just drink fluids. Mostly from shakes and juice blends. The next few days I scoot everything back during the day, start off with a late breakfast and take away that last meal. Right as my period ends my appetite comes back full throttle, so I add in snacks, and one smaller meal before bed.

Usually during the week on lifting days

  1. Cup of coffee w/scoop of protein
  2. Pack of tuna
  3. Chicken or beef, rice, veggies
  4. Chicken or beef, rice, veggies
  5. 1-2c of coffee w/scoop of protein
  6. Salmon, chicken, or beef, baked potato(reg or sweet), veggies

On off days from the gym I’ll have less carbs

Typical workday;
7am Breakfast- A tin of beans and 4-6 eggs with coffee.

11am- Lots of rice with some type of Thai curry and pork or chicken ( I live in Thailand), supplemented with a protein drink and a coffee.

14:30- Sardines on toast and some rice.

17:00- train

18:30 - Post w/o protein, a banana and rice.

19:30- Chicken and vegetable soup (about 300g of chicken).

22:00 - Either 6 eggs boiled, scrambled, fried depends how I feel and some porridge oats. Or if I’m lazy a protein drink with a pint of milk.

Snacks - Chocolate, cookies, milk, sweet Thai desserts, more chocolate, coconut and fruit.

6 Eggs Scrambled w/ ketchup/salt
English Muffin

Whey Protein w/Almond Milk(50g Protein abouts)
Granola Bar
Black Coffee

Chicken Or Steak w/Rice + Veggies

Snack 2:
Protein Bar
Energy Drink(Zero Cal)

Varies Day to Day, always Meat+Grain/taters+Green Veggies

Snack 3:

4 Whole Eggs

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Does snack 3 have a lot of protein?

When money isn’t so tight I’ll eat something along these lines:

Morning: (if I wake up early enough)
Mixture of eggs, sausage, spinach, rice
Way too much orange juice
Pop a few B-12 tablets

pack of ramen
Trail mix

Giant salad from cafeteria
Another thing of orange juice
Trail mix

Either a shake, or ill start eating random things in my kitchen. Salsa from the jar, just salsa. Pickles, bunch of popsicles, poor corn, peanut butter and apples, etc.

Some weird goulash mixture I make when I have no idea what else to make. Usually ground beef, corn, more salsa, spinach, and rice.

Late night:
Crap ton of orange juice, trail mix

When money gets incredibly tight, I keep three-four things stocked up and go off of those things.

Orange juice

Trail mix

Or a slice of pizza from my job
Thing of orange juice

Dinner/Whenever I get off work:
Frozen veggies (usually the whole bag)
Thing of orange juice.

As you can see I have a weird obsession with orange juice.