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Powerlifters! Help! Back Pain!


I think it's cuz of going too heavy.....
You guys know these 2 holes above the ass ? some pelvis bones or something.... they are really sexy on cut girls .. ANYWAY ! I have strong pain in the right hole, for like a week now.... its getting better when im not doing anything, but I hate sitting at home :frowning:

what is it ? it aint no disc right ? ill kill myself. im only 18 i dont wanna finish my career now.


Find a good chiropracter and get looked at...

good luck


You should be able to tell the difference between muscle pain and soreness or a different type of pain which doesnt feel normal, which may be disc or something. I messed up my back in August deadlifting off of a low box. I could tell right away that it wasn't muscle pain, it was much more. You can tell the difference. My pain was on the right side also, low on the back. I wasnt able to bend over to tie my shoes for 2 weeks, and the pain is just starting to go away completly now, almost 6 months later. I just rested and worked around the pain, something I regret and would not do again if I had the choice. Do what mattwray said and go get it looked at. better to get it fixed now then have it bother you for months or years down the road.


You have two holes above your ass?


Go to a chiropractor and have them evaluate you. It has done wonders for me. Sounds like you may have a weak lower back. If you are not going to see a chiropractor I would suggest a few weeks off followed by work on strengthening your low back.


Aw man 6 months ?! I have a big competition in 2 months !!! I need to start peaking also soon !!
couple weeks off gym with some antiobiotis 9 )in case its some overload resoponse) should heal it.. no ?


I'm a powerlifter and have had back pain. My doctor sent me to a physical therapist. She stressed stretch stretch stretch. Because powerlifters are all about strengthening the posterior chain, alot of times they (glute, hams,lower back) get so tight they just antagonize each other.

I bought a good stretching book which explained that stretching and warming up are 2 different things. Stretching should be a workout in itself. Because it's the same thing as resistance training, you're stretching and contracting your muscles. I usually do my stretching while watching Sportscenter in the morning, takes about 15 minutes and usually works up a light sweat.


Dude it was about 6 months for me, but I have no idea what your injury is or feels like. You may be ready to go tomorrow, or it may take a year, who knows? Only your doctor may be able to help.

I have no idea about using antibiotics, never heard that before. Are you talking Motrin or IBProfen for the muscle pain? Rest sounds good, and if you are two months out from a competition maybe the week off will help your body rest up for the final 2 month push. Where and when is your comp? Is is a full meet?


Go get it checked out, and then come back with an educated opionon........

You will be OK as long as you dont get pain in the "other" hole


Somebody ripped him a new one..twice.


BMSRN is right. I also had the exact same problem during football my senior year in high school. Went to the chiropractor, and he told me the same thing. My problem was hamstring tightness, so I did alot of toe touches, and quad holds, and it felt better in about two days. But you really have to stretch your hammies. Hold the stretch for about 20 seconds, then strecth farther, and hold for another twenty seconds, and repeat until they feel really loose.


The stretching advice is probably right on, but see a doctor first. If the pain is due to inflammation or microtrauma in the tendons, stretching will make it worse.

Antibiotics for back pain? The answer for that is a resounding NO. I'd also try not to take many things like Aspirin or Motrin. Use ice instead whenever you can.

You may have to cancel your competition in 2 months. Don't let it get you down, just hit the next one even harder.



Hamstrings again. I injured my back 2 weeks before a deadlift meet and was freaking out. My low back just spasmed and shut down when I was lowering the last rep of my set.I worked at a golds gym and had one of my trainer buddies come up to the front desk and stretch me every few hours. Turns out my hammies were tight. Then when I started to stretch them better I found my calves were even tighter. The reverse hyper machine really helped me as well.


Reverse Hypers all the way.


Going to the chiropractor is like going to a witchdoctor. Try a real doctor or better year a sports rehab person of any degree, hell even a paramedic trained one.


Let's face it. It's either skeletal or muscular. If skeletal then a disc (soft gel between your back vertebrae) has "slipped" out. It's very deceiving as the pain from this can radiate to anywhere. Being you're only 18, you should recover from this but watch your form closely as a disc slipped once can start "slipping" out easier the 2nd time around.

If muscular, then I would suggest maybe one of your spinal erectors, which go down either side and attach juu above your ass. These muscles are primary in "good mornings". I would think that you could injure either one, giving you a pain on one side.

Personally, I would say see a sports or orthopedic doctor, NOT a chiropractor. You don't want to fuck around with lower back problems at 18.


Hip flexor tightness-as well as other muscles surrounding the hip. Do a complete series of hip stretches 2-3 x per week. Now that's just a guess, but the most common cause.


Ok, I'm sitting at home no basketball\weights for 2 weeks now
pain gone away, no more problems.

so it's not a disc right ?

can I go back to my max effort workouts as usual ?


Did you stretch?


reverse hypers, ice and stretch. I have noticed that when I do reverse hypers, there will be that one set that really relieves all of the pain. it is a combination of stregthening and stretching, but there is usually one set that just that takes away all the tension. you will know it when you feel it.