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Powerlifters are Obsessed


is it just me?? are there any people who are totally obsessed about the sport etc..? i mean almost every waking minute thinking abt powerlifting and training itself?? or if u feel u performed poorly even in training, i usually stay upset and wondering what went wrong until i 'redeem' myself...


I go through that alot. Always really but it will come in cycles. Ill even lay in bed at night thinking ahead of what I should do, my technique, weight, etc. Its not like your alone. It comes with what you love really. Ill do it with firefighting often as well. Its kinda like when you meet a girl and shes all you can think about. Well at least thats what I believe.


I think it is common for anyone that is into anything they are interested in.

As for myself, I don't have a day where, if I'm not training, I'm thinking about training, or how I'm going to train for my next meet so I can get a better total. I've been around for awhile so I don't get too bent about a bad training day, but if I am in the last couple of weeks of a training cycle I am "not in a good place" if things don't go right.


sometimes i find it difficult to sleep just because im trying to thnk about a new training program :confused:


my happiness and self esteem is intrinsically linked to lifting, despite lots of other positive shit going on in my life. If i miss a PR, dont get a PR for a while... miss a lift, have a bad sesh, etc etc, then i'll be subdued 'til the next sesh... luckily im PRing almost every time i go, on account of mixing so much shit up. Last night i got 3 PRs: rackpulls (300kg deeper than usual), overhead press (same weight as last PR, triple the reps) and cleans (weight PR, for reps!).

So yeah, obsessed not necessarily with the sport or federations of powerlifting itself, but the actual lifting and getting stronger... fundamental to surcease and happiness at the moment.

Keep lifting,



"Obsessed" is what the weak call the "DEDICATED"


Hell I wish I was call dedicated by others. They see what we do and say "Isnt that for high schoolers?" or "Get a life" or my favorite "Why dont you do what normal adults do?".


YES X's 10000 to everyone in this thread!
All I do is either anticipate my future workouts OR bask in the glory of post work out tiredness.

Also the missing a PR thing makes me mental.

If I don't see even the slighest improvement in SOMETHING during a workout I get really pissed off and my brain dwells on it for like 3 days.

I also hug my PL USA magazines... but that's just weird.


The good workouts wouldn't feel nearly as great without the bad ones. I mean... if every workout you added 5lb to your lifts, lifting hundreds of pounds would be commonplace and not special at all. Not every workout can be a winner.


LOL yeah same.


Visions of squats, deads, and gm's dance in my head as I fall asleep.


I think beginners and younger lifters are more obsessed, as you grow older, it wears off and become more routine. Bad workouts, good workouts, it's all part of the journey. No reason to be put down by a poor day. You don't deserve it, and those around you don't deserve it.


No, if I have a bad workout or miss a workout. In the big picture it is not going to matter. As well, I don't have the energy to be obsessed about anything.


I used to be obsessed about powerlifting a long time ago... a bad workout would terribly affect me. Now I really don't care. As long as I feel the adrenaline pumping, I'm fine. Occasionally dream of smashing a PB on DLs though...


Sit at home, getting fat, watching reality tv shows, giving a shit about what Lindsay Lohan/Charlie Sheen/(insert flavour of the week) is doing?


I find myself "obsessed" if you will. I've began to think that football is getting in the way of lifting I love it so much. Just the feeling of smashing a new PR is unbelievable, but it still can't ever compare to the feeling you get out on the gridiron. Nothing ever will compare to that.



the only problem is that thinking about lifting or training in general doesn't let me sleep...and than worrying that i wont recover from a brutal session in time for the next one if i dont sleep heehe


I live and breathe it these days.

But I think that's how everyone becomes with their sport, especially once they begin competing. You gotta love it if you wanna go far.

I've been having dreams about lifting every day leading up to my meet, haha.


So true. It's terrible!


I do get nervous before big lifting days, but I get neither elated nor depressed about making or missing a lift.

I used to fret if I missed a big lift: analyzing, replaying the lift in my head, worrying about weaknesses, etc. Now it's more like, 'Oh well. I'll get it some time. What's next?'