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'Powerlifters aint Strong'


So there's a debate going on in the BB section that claims bodybuilder's are technically stronger than powerlifters because we use "leg drive, arch's and tucked elbows". Now I say WHAT THE FUCK.

"Powerlifters are obviously going to be better at putting up more weight in the three lifts that they specialize in, but the point being made is that this isn't a very accurate measure of "strength" on whole, because powerlifters use the shortest range of motion possible, the greatest leverage possible, for only one repitition... while bodybuilders do the exact opposite. If one lifts 500lbs over a 4 inch range of motion using leg drive and tucked elbows, and the other lifts 400lbs for reps over a 9 inch range of motion, using no leg drive and their elbows flared out, who is "stronger"?

And that's beside the fact that bodybuilders would be miles ahead of powerlifters in many many other exercises BESIDES the big three" -quote from a very wise man in the same thread I was talking about.


I'm not quite sure you can compare the two sports. Only individuals, I mean Dorian Yates and BB's like that are strong becuase they used Powerlifting style training methods and hell He was not only stronger than the average novice Body Builder but he could have been a fair powerlifter as well. But his training style was well rounded to fit both power and growth.

And just like BodyBuilders, Powerlifters have dif training methods. Some only do the 3 lifts no cardio and thats about it. Some Bodybuilders work muscle groups with light weight and high reps focus on diet and rest more than power.

The Powerlifters I train with Do the 3 major lifts/pull sleds/flip and hit tires/sand bags the whole ball of wax and have power that crosses over to other things not just gym lifts. So I don't think you can use the above statement as a one fits all.

It might be easier to compare to people instead of two sports.

and if this didn't make much since I'm working on an hour sleep so forgive a kid.


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Can't we all get along and make super lifting babies together?


Is this an on going theme here Hanley, I spend most of my lunch/break time looking at this site at work and most of that looking at T&A.


poeple that debate this sort of shit have too much time on their hands. this debate seems to come up every once in awhile. there's no way to generalize things. there are strong bodybuilder and their are weak as piss bodybuilders. same with powerlifters.

Strong is Strong.. plain and simple.


I can live with that.

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Anecdotally; I have seen many BB and PL train and have trained with BB before. 9/10 the PL will be stronger in most lifts, and the only lifts that this will not be the case are in some machine isolation type lifts. Even then the difference won't be much, and it only take a few sessions for the PL to catch up once he/she gets the hang of the lift. For myself I am stronger, in general, than most BB I have trained with recently.

Normally they will be much stronger benching, but then I'll have the edge squating and far stronger deadlifting. I'll also hold my own in most other lifts. Bear in mind I a 198 'drug free' lifter and these guys are between 18-21 stone and on AAS. What will happen is they will cain me in successive high rep sets.

So who do you think will be stronger when camparable body weights and drug use is factored in? Andy Bolton or Ronnie Coleman.

Given the training parameters of the different activities PL will clealy be capable of producing more force per unit of muscle etc etc. If this was not the case then BB training would be the best method of achieving peak strength. It obviously is not.

So a BB may be stronger than a PL. But in any relative sense a good PL will be stronger than a good BB.

Why there is a need for this disscusion is beyond me. I've never met a BB (i.e. one whom competes at BB) that would be bothered about it or think it was a no brainer that a PL was stronger.


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Yeah but it's not about "relative to bodyweight or muscle mass," that's not an arguement, it means nothing. It's about moving the most weight. And really there's not that much difference, especially at non elite levels.


the other thread isn't even saying powerlifters arent strong.

"bodybuilders arent strong" is just a thing fuckhead people say all the time with NO supporting evidence

just like you guys hear "all powerlifters are fat" we hear bodybuilders arent strong. don't get so fucking butt hurt about it.




Enjoy =D


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You would think that would be common sense. Guess some guys cant deal with a 165lb man benching twice what that do at 220. Very well said. Strong is Strong.


Busy lifting, not making babies. Court will have to tag in for me.


i know its abit of topic but who thinks those small asian men who pull cars with there eye lids and stuff like that are strong?


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