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Powerlifter Turning bodybuilder


Hey I'm a powerlifter but recently wanted to try bodybuilding, my stats are 5'8, 220lbs, I've only competed one time and it was over a year ago I squatted 675, benched 460, pulled 550 @ 230lbs multi-ply gear 22 yrs old, my gym lifts this last year were 800+ squat, 675 squat briefs only, 600+ bench, 600+ DL, I'm just getting into bodybuilding I don't know a lot about it but have some great friends who are helping with diet, oh the gym lifts were at 215lbs bodyweight btw, thanks guys




sigh If I wore those pants, I'm sure it'll just make my ass look big.
But you... you pull it off.








@ Nikki hahah thanks but you could pull it off you're gorgeous :wink:


Thick as hell. You will be ridiculous when you cut up.


@ jskrabac thanks so much man like I said I'm new to the game bro just tryingly hardest, right now I've been working mg diet and doing AM cardio trying to get into single digit bf, thanks again so much bro!


How has your training changed since you made the switch? Do you still do heavy singles, triples, etc. on occassion? Looking purdy solid.


My training is basically the same but instead of training the movements I'm training the muscles now, before the last 2 months I never trained chest, biceps, calves or quads directly, so now I'm training HIT, hard and heavy, but more controlled negatives and focusing on feeling the muscle work instead of completing the movement, I never go over 8 reps, and most of the time that's rest pause! I love lifting heavy shit!! Occasionally if I feel good I will hit a big double or single like on rack pulls but never bench bc I have previous shoulder problems!


Cool! I really get you on the heavy lifting. Did you change the way you squat? I noticed that I need to bring my stance in closer from when I take my 1RM to work the thighs harder.


Looking good man, lots of potential

Legs, chest, and long head of the tricep all need to come up

Back is a stand out bodypart imo


youre a big SOB for a 22 yr old. keep working hard and welcome aboard


@ spar4tee yes I brought my stance WAYYYY in!! I use to squat as wide as chuck vogelpohl man, web I went to westside I squatted as wide or wider than their guys! My stance now is like Olympic squats on every quad exercise and I don't go as deep now because I get a lot of hamstring and glute takeover so I try to isolate the quads! Hope that helps man!


@ Tommygunz32 thank you for the complement and the constructive criticism I agree those are all weak points, I'm trying hard to bring them up thank you again!


@ cally thank you so much I am 23 soon to be 24, I was 22 when I hit those lifts I listed, thank you again!


Thanks for the info! What exactly do you mean by not as deep? Above parallel?


hey guys just for reference this is a pic of me 5yrs ago before i started training i was around 115-125lbs here!!!


@ spar4tee yea bro i use to go ATG just go down until my calves touched my hammies, now i stop at about parallel it keeps the work all on my quads, i also only leave my feet around 6 inches apart on squats hacks leg press etc!