Powerlifter turned Bodybuilder

Hey Christian,

I felt you would be the best person to ask about this as you went from oly to bodybuilding which is similar what I am trying to do :slight_smile:

Recently I have had some bad times in my family and felt really depressed and my self confidence went however kept up on my gym training and kept in reasonably good shape.

I am wanting to break into bodybuilding as it is a real challenge and guys at the gym dont think I can make the change as the diet is hard work.I need to lose some pounds i think firstly as I am 20%bf from last measurement so decided to go old school and try out the Anabolic Diet which i had the book lying around but never used.

I wanted to ask you what you think about this diet?And how would you train for maximum results while using it?

I have a long way to go i feel,i got the muscle just need to move some fat and it will look cool