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Powerlifter Needs Advice


So i just hit week 12 on my first test E cycle at 500mgs per week, week 12 also being the week of a powerlifting meet. I did great, hit a 1,315 raw total. From here, this is what i want to do...

drop the test E down to 200mg's per week and cruise there untill after my next meet. Also i want to run d-bol the 3 weeks leading up to the meet at 40mg's per day. How does this sound? I feel confident that if diet and training are on point i can hit the 1,400 total i mention below.

I start work for the summer doing physical labor, but i will not let this bring my strength/powerlifitng down. I actually want to hit a 1,400 total at the end of july. Food intake will go up massively due to the labor all day...


why do you want to cruise?


because i do not want to run a full pct of nolva and clomid if i am just going to end up going back on test after i am done with pct. i'd rather just run a low trt dose.

If i did not want to run any more gear after this, than i would pct, but i plan to be in this for a long time.
I also read a lot of articles about powerlifters cruising on low test, and upping it, with another compound around 8 weeks prior to a meet.


Lifting stats?


My best comp was 500 squat,340 bench, 475 dead raw at a body weight of 193.


Not bad man, yeah low t cruise for a meet is usually what PL's do. I'm not saying go by what they do..but then again i kinda am.