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Powerlifter Looking to Add Mass


Alright so I just finished 16 weeks of 5/3/1 and am looking to add some more meat onto my frame. Before 5/3/1 I trained Sheiko for 16 weeks so for 32 weeks my training has consisted of either high volume with reps from 3-5 to low volume with reps from 1-5. I'm 142 lbs. right now and am looking to get to around 150-155. I'm using these next 16 weeks as downtime from the low rep training so I can train in a different philosophy my body isn't used to. I would like to keep my strength gains to keep progressing but wouldn't mind them slowing down a bit if it means I can add more mass/muscle.

I've read most of the stuff stickied here and have a general idea how to gain mass but am looking for a program template such as 5/3/1 to use as the basis for my training. So the question is what program will allow me to gain mass while still having a steady strength growth rate? I apologize if this is more of a noob question so if it should be moved to the beginner's forum then it should be moved. Thanks!


How were your strength gains on Sheiko and or 5/3/1?
How much did you eat while doing those programs?


Do you actually compete? If not then you're just someone who likes to lift heavy....

That being said, it's the food that makes the weight, not the training. Training will help dictate what type of weight you gain. In other words, eat more. Still not gaining weight? Eat more. Do it every day. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is your friend, so is meat.


5/3/1 I went from repping 5 reps on 275 squat to 5 reps on 330 squat. My deadlift jumped from a 430 1rm to a 475 1rm. As for food intake, I've made sure I've gotten at least 1g per lb of bodyweight but am going to up that to 2g when I start training on Monday. My weight didn't jump up that much from 32 weeks ago. i went from 138 lbs. to 142 lbs.

My bench has been my hardest gainer, I went from 285 to 295 bench on 5/3/1. I would just like to take a break lifting heavy for a while except for deadlifting. I've never actually competed but plan on competing next semester so I guess I'm just someone who lifts heavy right now, can't find the time to compete this semester with work and an internship.


Yeah, you don't really need a new program per se. You just need to eat more.


You're view on nutrition is too closed. Even if you're taking in 5g of protein/lb of bodyweight if you don't have a caloric surplus you're not going to put on weight. You need more calories, not just more protein.


I always knew I should increase my food intake and I guess you guys confirming my preconceived notion on my intake just reaffirms my thoguhts. Then I guess the next question would be what program should I use next since I've done Sheiko and 5/3/1 to continue my powerlfiitng training? After this, I would then go back to 5/3/1 sicne I got much better gains then Sheiko


I think I am misunderstanding what program you are finishing. Is there a 5/3/1 program other than Jim Wendler's that you were doing? I ask because on Wendler's you would be doing higher rep work. People are generally getting something like 5 reps on the "1" week and 10 or more reps on the "5" week. On Wendler's program it should take a lot of months before you end up doing any true singles, though there are some versions that add some single work after the main 5/3/1 lifting. Have you been doing Wendler's program or something else like working up to a heavy set of 5 one week, a heavy 3 the next and such? Also, what assistance work have you been doing?

Wendler, in the book and elsewhere, indicates that for someone trying to gain mass he recommends doing 5/3/1 with the Boring But Big template (following up the main lift with 5 sets of 10 of that lift at 50-60% of 1rm, and then 5x10 of a complementary exercise), and eating a lot (including a gallon of milk a day). So, if you want to lay off of low reps for a bit just reset the weights for 5/3/1 and do that assistance work. After a few months, change up the assistance as necessary and let the weights build up to lower rep sets.


So is thread about adding size (eat more) or about how you should train as someone attempting to get into the sport of power-lifting. If it's the later, you'd probably be best to make a thread in the powerlifting forum.


How tall/old are you? 142 pounds with those numbers is pretty damn impressive unless you're like 5 ft 0


Well I guess I thought it was my body getting used to the program so I thought if I changed my training style it would give me a burst of new growth. What I'm going to do is just stick to 5/3/1 and change up the weights a bit, increase my food intake and add more accessory lifts.

I'm 5'7" and 19 years old. I have a deadlift thread here: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/sumo_deadlift_form_check_1

If you'd like to check out my deadlift videos. I haven't gotten around to video taping my other lifts as I'm just not as focussed on those as I am on deadlift. Sucks now that I'm hurt though...