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Powerlifter-Friendly Gym in Little Rock?


I will be in Little Rock for Easter and I need a gym in or around Little Rock that won't call the cops if I get a little loud. Worse comes to worse, I will take my wife to Hot Springs and workout and have a little get-away.


You'll be hard-pressed to find one. The best one was in Jacksonville but it closed down and is now a church. Strange, I know.

Hot Springs may be your best option.


Thanks man. The only bad thing about Hot Springs is my wife would be at the gym and she is my biggest critic when it comes to my squatting. But, ya gotta do what cha gotta do!


A lot of the gyms that are there don't even have free-weights anymore. They have replaced them all with machines.

We are a fat fuck of a state. I'm not sure where we rank but we have to be close to the fattest.


I would agree with that. And I would say we rank in the top 10. Woohoo, maybe being fat can be a sport and then we can be highly ranked this year! Disregard that, cause the UofA baseball team is off to a pretty good start.

I worked out at Bowman's Fitness or whatever it's called, and the people there looked at me like I was an alien. They were trying to figure out what kind of "crazy" exercise I was doing. "You put weight on your back and go to sit down, but there ain't no chair behind you? That is the dumbest thing I ever seen!"


2007 Rank
2008 Rank
% Obese 2007
% Obese or Overweight 2007
3-year Obesity Average
% Obesity Change
Ranking Change

1 1 Mississippi 32.6 68.1 31.6 1.0 0
2 2 West Virginia 30.3 68.0 30.6 0.9 0
3 3 Alabama 30.9 66.6 30.1 0.7 0
4 4 Louisiana 30.7 65.2 29.5 1.3 0
5 5 South Carolina 29.0 65.3 29.2 1.3 0
6 6 Tennessee 30.7 67.4 29.0 1.2 0
7 7 Kentucky 28.7 69.1 28.4 1.0 0
9 8 Oklahoma 28.8 65.1 28.1 1.3 1
8 Arkansas 29.3 65.6 28.1 1.1 0
9 10 Michigan 28.2 64.3 27.7 0.9 -1

Well, at least we aren't number one in something. We tied with oklahoma for 8th this year. Woohoo.

Sorry for the formatting. Cleaned it up a little.


I thought more northern states would be in there. 1 out of 10? Wow, says a LOT about southern eating.


"You want some chicken?"

"Fry it!"

"You want a steak?"

"Fry it!"

"You want a snickers?"

"Fry it!"

Fry it all.


Yeah, but pork rinds are good dietary food!


I work out at ProGym in No. Little Rock (JFK road), it is small but nobody is gonna hassle you. I think its 6 bucks for a day pass. Central AR has a very shitty selection of gyms. You might try Powerhouse gym in LR, but it sucks too IMO.


Small is more than fine with me. My workouts right now are pretty simple: I squat, I go home. :-D.

Thanks dk, I will check it out.


No problem, I pulled this contact info from google.

3719 John F Kennedy Blvd
N Little Rock, AR 72116
(501) 771-2021

PowerHouse Gym
1428 Merrill Dr
Little Rock, AR 72211
(501) 227-6401

10 Fitness
14524 Cantrell Road
Little Rock, AR 72223
(501) 868-4844

10 Fitness
6929 John F Kennedy Blvd
N Little Rock, AR 72116
(501) 834-8866

NLR Athletic Club
3804 Mccain Park Dr
N Little Rock, AR 72116
(501) 812-5555

LR Athletic Club
4610 Sam Peck Rd., Little Rock, AR 72223 (501) 225-3600


I have been to all of the gyms I listed.

I would stay away from 10 Fitness, they both suck.

The Athletic clubs are both pretty good too.


Cool. For some reason, the last time I googled (slightly before Christmas), I didn't see Powerhouse.

Thanks for the help, man.


Actually you might call Progym if you aren't happy with the others. That is one of the old Jim Bottins. He had about 5 or 6 locations before he sold out.


It's only for one squat session, but it is going to be a brutal one. I just don't want to be in the middle of my heavy sets and have some f**ker come over and whine about me being too loud and sweating to much.

I live in NWA and there are PLENTY of those places up here.


I'm up in NWA as well. I joined four gyms here before I found one I was happy with.

I grew up down around LR. Powerhouse may be ok but the 10 fitness' are a joke like dk said.


I personally think any gym whose name ends with "Fitness" is more likely than not to be some screwed-up, bosu-ball-loving, machine-infested and BB/DB/KB deficient type of place. I think of words like "fatness" everytime I see "fitness", especially when I check out the people "working out" inside these places. Sigh.


Another good sign is if it is a strip mall. What can I say, I was desperate.


You gym-whore.