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Powerlifter First Cycle


Just wanting some advice/critique on a first cycle: stats: 5’7, 205 bodybuilding/powerlifting since high school football days so roughly 10 years of training. around 14-16% bodyfat. diet is pretty consistent with 1.5-2g protein per lb daily, high carb days on workout days, lower on nonworkout, and fats, if im being honest typically around .5-1 per lb daily. First cycle after doing research looking something like this:

Weeks 1-12: TEST-E 500 MG weekly split up
Weeks 4-8: Dbol: 30-40 mg daily
weeks 1-10: Arimidex: .25mg daily?
HCG weeks 2-12 twice weekly-appropriate iu’s??
clomid or nolva: 2 weeks after last test injection: nolva something like 40-40-20-20 per week
milk thistle throughout entire cycle.

Any input is appreciated, oh I have taking prohormones in the past (sadly drank alcohol on them alot) but last prohormone was over 2 years ago.


Honestly, gear depends on goal. My best cycle, I just ran a 70mg winstrol tab per day for 12 weeks, and my deadlift jumped 90lbs, SQ jumped 50, and Bench went crazy too. But my only concern was strength. I prefer not to stack too much shit at once, though. Your stack looks decent, but I’d keep it simple for your first one.

5’6" 94kg(206)



Test dose is good. Dbol is good. 250mg HcG 3x a week. Adex .25mg EOD. 20mg Nolva ED 6-8 weeks will suffice for PCT. Lots of good data on this. Enjoy the cycle! Simple and effective and Test and Dbol go together like peanut butter and jelly.


Looks mostly fine. If you’re doing hCG only twice weekly go for 500iu per injection. Works like a charm for me.

Run your PCT longer, like 8 weeks at 20mg of Nolva ED.

If you’re worried about strength to weight ratio on cycle go for a drier oral in place of dbol. Otherwise G2G.