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Powerlift and Bodybuild

I just read some articles about muscular strength and development. It is possible to increase powerlift and bodybuild at the same time and it is a simple formula as well. 1) Lift heavy, super heavy. Raise the weight in a controlled fashion. It is ideal to take about 3-4 seconds to raise a heavy weight. 2) To build muscle lower the weight real slow. Take about 4-5 seconds. 7 secs or more will make you very sore the next day. I was so sore I did could not move without feeling extreme pain. If you lift like a powerlifter and lower like a bodybuilder you will get make progress. I added 20 Lbs to my bench press in about 8 weeks. I lift very heavy all the time.

Hello please do not think I am being critical,but when you advocate “lifting like a powerlifter” and then say take " 3-4 secs to raise a weight" the advice seems to contradict itself.
Powerlifters tend to try and get the bar up as quick as possible as Power is Strength with Speed.You also did not make clear what “super heavy” is and what percentage of your one rep max you were working with.
The time under tension would certainly help with your bodybuilding but not sure it would contribute towards Powerlifting that much.

Me read like hulk smash lift heavy me. Me did am very strong.

Post a link of the workout you saw. how many reps are you talking about per set when your time under tension per rep is 7 seconds with half being in the concentric phase. Don’t forget that powerlifters also work the dynamic or speed reps. Remember that you recruit more muscles to lift a weight faster or to lift more weight. I know anytime that slow negatives are involved i get really sore for many days. Another point is that in some excercises it’s difficult or impossible to have a negative rep. laters pk

Yes, it is possible. Ian King might disagree with this, but I think lifting tempo is over-rated. You don’t have to be sore to grow! Most people try to AVOID soreness because it means less frequent training! (you wouldn’t train muscles when they are still sore and swollen) Westside seems like a good approach, just add some extra biceps/calf work. Bodybuilding is all diet, increase your caloric intake and as long as you are doing some kind of resistance training - you will grow. Just do a bit more cardio and adjust your diet when it becomes time to cut down.

Check out the Get Buffed! book sometime. King explains while he’s invented this tempo system, he believes their use has gone way out of whack. He, for example, uses these longer tempo periods only about 10% of the time with his athletes.

most pl’ers try to lift the bar as fast as they can.