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Powerhouse Gym?

i just did a search and couldnt find any direct answers, but do any of u guys workout at a powerhouse gym? theres one here in lancaster, cali and i was thinkin of switching to it instead of 25 hour fatness. im getting sick of the whole atmosphere there and wondering if anyone works out at a powerhouse gym

no one at all?

I was in Manhattan for business two weeks ago and trained for a couple of days at the Powerhouse Gym in midtown (by Grand Central Station). I was not very impressed, but still got in a decent workout.

The facilities were nice, and it was not crowded, even at 6:00 pm mid-week.

But, it had only one squat rack, one Life Fitness pully station, and no place to comfortably deadlift or clean.

It did have a good cardio section with up to date equipment and flat screen tvs, if you care about that kind of stuff.

The locker room was way too hot…No point in even showering. And their post workout smoothies sucked.

Good enough for a travel workout, but I would not want to train there regularly.

thanx. i was hoping to see if they had bumper plates and a platform, guess ill just have to go look myself

the powerhouse gyms vary a lot. Here in connecticut there used to be one in new brittan (not exactly the nicest place in the state), and it was all cops and stuff who worked out there, and the place was hardcore. Now it moved to a nicer place and it’s a bunch of aerobics and garbage in there.

Go check it out yourself and see if it meets your needs.

I used to workout at a Powerhouse in Florida. The one nearby my house was a pretty decent facility with plenty of squat racks, an area to deadlift, but nothing along the lines of bumper plates or powerlifting areas.