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Powerfull Image?!?!! 8/26/05


That is a beautiful haircut, I need to find out more about who does her hair.


Did you miss the ass sticking out that just screams "smack me while you hit it from behind", or are you one of those sensative types that wants to braid her hair instead of use it as a handle.(not that there's anything wrong with that)


I'm sure he was joking...maybe. If not, why bother to write it?


She's definitely a cutie! Dig the shoes.... they look just like a pair I have.


So was I. I realy like braided handles.


hehe-right on.


Who is she and what's her number?


.... that stairs rocks....


I'm the one that gives her her pubic hair cut.

...Not quite sure if thats the hair cut you're talking about but its hair, its hers, and I cut it (acutally shave it, but 6 and one half dozen of the other).


Uh, ok...


There should be a caption contest on this photo.
"You want me to climb the stairs in these shoes! My knee hurts just thinking about it. I'd sooner slide up this banister."


Is this the triumphant return of powerful images of eye-candy women? Excellent.


Yeah, this is niiice.


I guess I'll have to be the first to say this, as nobody seems to dare:

1) She has no calf development. I mean, look at them, they barely curve from the back of the knee to the ankles.

2) Insufficient tricep development. There seems to be a teeny, weeny little bit of shadow there, maybe, maybe marking the coveted horseshoe. I think it's just the lighting though.

3) No quads! Is there anything sexier than that line that runs down the side of the thigh created by a strong vastus lateralis bursting under the ITB? I think not.

4) Pathetic forearms. She has definitely not done any fat-bar work lately; I would soon put an end to that (make what you will of this last statement).

5) Missing deltoids. Can she even raise her arm laterally? Maybe that's why she has that pose. Even when I zoom in the photo I cannot make out the three heads of the deltoid. A powerful image without deltoids? Please...

6) The arse. What's wrong with it? You ask. Well, the photographer has been very sneaky with the illumination he's used. It's the old trick of "I'll shine 60,000W of light on her arse, get her to lick her lips and maybe nobody will realise what a thin-fat person she is." I've seen it all before. Yeah, bend over a bit, shine the light, what a bum, yay. Guys, her bum is round. Guess what, everyone's bum is round! But what I want to know is: is it hard? Is it 220lb-deadlift hard? Is it 5x5x160lb-reverse-hypers hard? Will it crush a nut when she clenches it? Those are the questions we should be asking, gentlemen, as therein lies the merit of a worthy arse.

Nice hair though. Probably would look nice braided, too.


UMMM UHHH UMMM UHHH can't sentence right with speak.....too much hotness {{{{{Staring blankly at image and drooling with visions of euphoria}}}}


She looks like a run of the mill stripper.....yawwwwnnnn..


I wouldnt mind her sliding up my banister


Err.. umm... I certinly hope not.


Ok. So my fiance and I were having the same conversation about this 'powerful image', and I too said all of these things about it. We were surprised the model chosen to be displayed to such connoisseurs of fit bodies looks like she may step on a treadmill on occassion.

This led to us taking a similar picture of me w/out the shoes(they are in my locker at work). I have only been diligently working out for six weeks and would love to hear some comments regarding the issue.


A good effort. Note though, that you need to turn left about 15 degrees, to display both cheeks of your butt, which is one of the highlights of the original picture.