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Powerful Thinking Book



here's a transcript thats in the book.

Something that can occupy some boring hours at work:)


Some more

There is just a ton of information on this site. Figured if you come across an exceptionally thought provoking read, post a link on this thread.



Dude, a great site. I'm trasfixed reading it's contents. Thanks.


I also can't stop reading this stuff. Read like 5 articles since yesterday and have just ordered the book. I don't think you can find another book for $21 that can stimulate your mind in such a way, that can virtually remove any and all limitations. Just being able to see what these great minds of our time think about everything from Consciousness to providing different theory's on life itself, etc I find mesmerizing.


You guys are stoners right?


Quantum physics are very interesting to me. The way we cast our influence on things by just trying to look at them is something i always though about. Also the notion of people always seeing what they want to see instead of what things really are is something i have a real passion for. It's really deep stuff if you;re into it. Incidentally i do partake in fine organic grown grake A++ Cannabis....From time to time.


Fred Alan Wolf? That's the guy from "What the Bleep Do We Know?" right?

If he floats your boat, you'll love this guy: http://timecube.com/

Brain optional.


Pookie, what is all that stuff!!!???

What on earth is this guy going on about!? :-o


I don't see how the two relate.


They're both nuts. Timecube guy is just easier to identify as such.

Fred Alan Wolf uses more of the "right" buzzwords in ways that mostly appear to make sense. He's a more subtle nut, but still a nut.


The take home message i got was summed up by the classic saying:

"when you change how you look at things, the things you look at change"


If you're interested in physics and quantum mechanics, that's great. May I respectfully suggest, though, that you read the real stuff, written by scientists who publish in peer reviewed journals.

A good starting point might be this: http://cosmicvariance.com/ In the lower right column, you'll find links to other physics blogs and many physics resources. The best part is that it's even more fascinating than the weird fantasies of Fred A. Wolfe.


Cool dude, thanks.


Well for starters, I'm not even sure if Fred A. Wolfe is in the book. I should be getting it next week. He does seem to be a little bit out there, but in my opinion who is anyone really to judge anothers opinion of what might be. Especially when it comes to physics and conciousness, etc.

I also think that the so called "experts" in science, the one's who don't have an open mind about the mind and think that laws of which we know apply to just about everything, but yet shun the idea of something that goes against their realm of thinking are not going to be the one's who stumble upon the next great discovery. (rambled a little in that sentence) I think its only obvious that there are many many different things that cannot yet be discerned. And to believe that there is not is ludicrous.

But nice link:)


Quantum physics is interesting but this site looked more like BS.

His quote about just thinking about your toe and then you are there reminds me of the of the dumbass conversations we used to have back in the day.