Powerful Names

Hey guys, first post.

Anyway, girlfriend had an ultrasound today as she’s been pregnant. At 16 weeks my child already has a huge schlong much to my girlfriend’s disappointment (it’s going to be our second son, she wants a girl). Anyway, we’re fighting over names, she picks feminine names while I want something masculine the boys can be proud of (first one’s named William after William the Conqueror). I wanted to name this one Roland as in The Song of Roland but she’s really against that.

Anyway, I’m trying to come up with names that he’ll be proud to have later on in life and I wouldn’t mind hearing from some of you guys.

Other names I’m considering are Gunther (though probably not, I’m an Aussie and that’s a pretty weird name down here) or Fredrick. She wants quasi-feminine names like Drew and Darcy.

Any suggestions?

Ahnold , lol

How about Jack? I’ve heard that’s the most powerful (in terms of success) name out there. Also, if your kid doesn’t like it, he can go with John or Johnathan.

Tough one…I wanted a boy, never had one…I make girls and the factory is shut down now.

If I had a son I’d name him Garron.

How about Andrew?

Garrett, or Lou, Jim, Dan

those are all manly


If I were to change my name, I would change it to Magnus. It goes with the rest of my name and there’s no confusing it.

Well, I have 2 powerful names that I’m giving to my 2 Boxers as soon as I get them, but you’re welcome to them too I suppose:

Gaston (the villain from beauty and the beast, that guy fucking rules… even though he’s French)

Drago (another villain, from Rocky IV. Also my nickname from high school… oh the glory days)

If your lady actually lets you name your son either of those, you’ve got yourself a damn cool woman.

When I think “Roland”, I think obnoxious.

When I think “Gunther”, I think that blonde haired guy off friends - the one that liked Rachael.

I’d personally go for something like Raphael or Sergio.


Garrett is looking like a very good choice atm.

Victor isn’t bad but if we ever have a girl she’ll be called Victoria so I wouldn’t have Victor and Victoria.

What about Duke Nukem?

“I named you Maynard, as it means ‘brave strength’ from the Germanic elements magin ‘strength’ and hard ‘brave, hardy’.”

Etymology is fun.

What about “Tankred” ?

The name sounds so huge, the kid will have no choice but become a T-Man.

It is a rare name and it’s origins are norman.

Kane, Demetrius, Bishop… There are so many “manly” names. Find a happy medium with the lady and all will be all right.

funk names:
da fonz
pit bull

itialian names:

T-man names:
chuck - like chuck norris
Steven- Seagal


Call him Lex for short.

Save the…unusual names for the girl. Pick a normal name for boy.

How about Samson.