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Powerful Milk


milk is 100% anabolic shake made to make young animals grow big and strong---FAST!
old time body builders drank up to gallon of cows milk a day.they ate less food,trained primitive and used less/no steroids,but they were impressive,though.
maybe they were right regarding milk.

and also regarding lactose tolerance--it can be build up by slowly increasing milk intake.
1 liter of milk=
33 g of protein
47 g 0f carb
30 g of fat
what do you think?


Who are you?


I think that this is so well known that it's really not all that exciting or new. There are many ways to get protein. Cottage cheese contains a lot more protein per ounce than milk and it has less carbs/sugar.

You seem to be a little behind with some of your topics/threads. T-Nation is pretty far ahead of the rest of the sites available concerning training and nutrition.

But thanks for the reminder about a basic, yet useful, form of protein for those who want to gain more size.




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Chocolate Milk + Tuna Blender Bombs are where it's at.


I think that arnold used to drink a pitcher of beer and eat a whole chicken after working out. Maybe we should try that too.

In other news, is this your sister?


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Fuck normal milk.
Raw milk is where it's at!


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Wouldn't raw milk be 'normal' milk, and pastuerised milk be abnormal?

Your still a cock though. Raw milk can kiss my ass.


my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...


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