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Wow, wow & wow! She is sooo fiiinne! The pigtails are killer.

Hey ladies! Wanna really turn on your man?! Do your hair in pigtails & get a retainer in your mouth. OMG, my ex use to do that, it's the greatest! Am I a sick bastard? LOL


I was right with you up to the word 'retainer'.

Pedophile much?


Shes got damn long legs, Ill give her that. Looks too juvenile to me, though.




At least you didn't add acne to your wish list...


I have to agree the whole innocent little girl thing is not attractive and borderline disturbing.

Joking about it is almost as bad, the whole thing has a uncomfortable vibe.


I think there are a couple other visual cues that offset the pigtails. Besides they make a great accessory, kinda like blast straps.
Thats the nature of sex though, the same things trigger different things in different people.