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Powerful Images

Whoever is responsible for putting the ‘Powerful Images’ is doing an awesome job. That one up today is rock star. Except, of course, when my boss comes walking up. Which happened about three minutes ago.

AMEN to that

Alternating hot chicks with bodybuilders of the 70’s is a pretty good formula.

That Aubade lingerie picture sure is wonderful. :slight_smile:

I gotta say I dig the alternating as well. Always gives me something to look forward at the end of the week. However (there had to be a “however” in here somewhere)…

How about some chicks that are a little more, I dunno, 21st century? Some of the ones I’ve seen up here have really had the “80’s - 90’s metal chick” thing going on. Which is not a bad thing. Maybe it’s just me.