Powerful Images - Our Own Choices

Alright, T-Nation has a great Powerful Image section. I’ve got lots of them copied over to my comp.

But I figured we’ve all got our own that aren’t here, in one place, and we should share.

I’ll add my favs, feel free to jump in.

Pics can be anything that you feel is “powerful” (gals, muscle, scenery, art, whatever)
*Please, do not post pics that already appear in the Powerful Images section on this site

Here goes…
Was from a magazine article years ago. Defines at least 1/2 the reason to be hoooge

Annette Milbers

Annette Milbers

Annette Milbers

Annette Milbers

Back shot (think it’s Arnold but not sure)

8 Pack
(say what you want about the rest of the body, but his abs are crazy!)

Jamie Eason

Pauline Nordin

Pauline Nordin

Sharlene Sault

Timea Majorova

Skip La Cour

Don’t know the artist on this one

One of the world’s largest mines

Not sure where this is

Double rainbow in Vancouver

From Donnie Darko movie

From movie - Hero

Music artist - Tori Amos