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Powerful Images [Oct. 21]



:slight_smile: Beautiful.


ok ... hypocrite here ... her body is super sexy, especially that f*ck box (see above picture), but her face is not getting it done for me ... this is funny because, in case you don't remember, i was bitching about guys bitching about the PIs about, errr, ummm, a week ago.



She has a face? [this comment was more relevent to the galery above than the PI pic]

Whoever chose this picture for the PI...
Why did you choose this, the least pornogra-- er... aesthetically tantalising of the photos on the page. The others show off her superb physical development so much better.


Powerful indeed.


I'd marry her in a second!


Face? ลฐber sexy!!!!


The 10/21 model is a perfect 10 in my opinion.



If the face isn't working for you try this.



i always knew bastard was a wuss.


ok ... my bad ... TC managed to pick, imho, the worst of the 10 pics on that page ... i couldn't see that web site from where i was earlier ... the above is my personal favorite



Vacuum pose.


It must be the car in the back.


Holy shit! I didn't even notice there was a car in the back! Ahh i get it, it's like a duke's of hazard dasie duke pose...thingy


I wouldn't go that far but I would f*ck her until it broke off..:wink:


The fun part is, there are more pics of her on that site than you see. Click on a pic, and then change the numbers. I think there are 47 of them (number 24 didn't work for me). 16, 30, and 32 are especially nice.


Nice observation on the numbering gaps. Makes you wonder why he didn't thumbnail these. For the lazy:

Note to self- Change career to sleezy photographer.
Check that, change career to photographer, remain sleezy.