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Powerful Images Idea


I wasn't sure where to post this, and maybe someone has already come up with this idea, but here it goes...

A while back I remember TC saying how it's hard to find pics for the Powerful Images section, due to the size constraints. Forum members were complaining about pics of modern pro bodybuilders being incongruent with the sentiments of the majority of us here at T-Nation, which I couldn't agree with more.

What I think would be cool is pics of the contributors training. Like Dan John in the bottom of an overhead squat, carrying a log or throwing something. Chad Waterbury doing something, um, Chad Waterbury-like. EC doing some deads like in that Deadlifting Fun thread, with Shugs accosting some Current Fat Boy in the background.

Stuff like that. Has this been discussed on the forums before?


I was telling them your idea and.....


What the hell....Kittens

Anyway, good idea. But what if other members sent pics of themselves lifting. That way, if the T-Nation crew run out of images, they can use a image of a member of sight squatting, sandbag throwing..etc. Granted, I'm not strong enough to be shown but when I get 400 all around, i'll contribute.


that'd be cool

Brad Cardoza has a whole slew of powerful images.


Maybe we could get DW to share some images of himself.


Great image, Xen. Tyson is King.....even though he lost his crown and all, still king in my eyes.