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Powerful Image: Posterior Chain



The "Powerful Image" often elicits a lot of "Who is that?" and "I'd hit it!" comments, and todays is no exception... (a right click says that it is "Danielle"; anyone know who it is?)

Once we get past all that, I just wanted to point out that THIS (for the novices and newbies out there) is a strong, developed, healthy appearing posterior chain that we ALL should be striving for, regardless as to our individual Goals.

KUDOS to the "unknown" lady in the pic!



I think it may be Danielle Rouleau. I wouldn't bet my house on it though.


That is a very nice posterior.


Maybeone of the best pi's ever? Good muscle tone, sick leanness, and just a great pic.



I know Cressey would say that a pic doesn't tell you anything about the strength of her Posterior Chain...

But I would venture to say that she is probably pretty strong. From her spinal erectors to her calves looks almost like an Anatomy Text surface pic of the Posterior Chain.





I really just can't get over that ass! Absofuckinlutely amazing! I bet she could crack walnuts with those buttcheeks!


So hot....want to touch the hiney.


Found some more pics of this hardbody. Her name is Danielle Rouleau (good call, Beast).


EDIT: For those who don't already know this, the pics can be better viewed by right-clicking the picture and selecting "View Image".






Holy shit.


This one'll pop wood...




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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


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Okay... In this pic she's bangin'


The chic is just incredible. Just incredible.


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