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Powerful Image or a Disgrace?



I wasn't going to say anything, but I couldn't help it. I'm not a fan of Ronnie anyway, but this picture is disgraceful!

This is our Mr.Olympia!? He doesn't look like he's ran a mile in his life.

This goofy looking, bloated GH gut, fanny pack wearing hillbilly is our face to the wonderful world of bodybuilding!?

No wonder we have such a large audience.


Where in god's name do you see a bloated GH gut on this man, in this particular picture ?

Hillbilly ? Is this because he is from Texas ?

If you wanna break the man down, at least have some decency, and some reference to the picture you're talking about.


You're worried about the face of bodybuilding? Dude, when your "sport" consists of oiled-down men dancing around on stage in thongs and comparing glute striations, I really don't think an unplanned picture of the top bodybuilder in the world is really going to hurt the "sport"'s credibility. Or perhaps you would just prefer Bruce Lee to be Mr. Olympia. He was very "aesthetic", and by aesthetic, I mean small, weak, and hungry-looking.


What he's morphed into the past 10 years is disgusting.

His eyes are just scary to look into on any picture. I swear his head size changes every picture. If the goal is simply mass-then he wins. But for anything resembeling bodybuilding as I used to know and appreciate this is not good.


Because Dorian Yates looked like he could run a mile? Hillbilly?


Powerful Image.


Since when was running a mile part of bodybuilding?

That picture doesn't look like something I would mind looking like.

GH, great genetics, or steroids, I'm sure getting to where he is wasn't easy and takes a lot more dedication than I'm willing to give.

I don't know any bodybuilder who looks like they can run a 25K race either, but that doesn't mean they're a poor excuse for bodybuilding. Also never seen a competitive 1 mile runner, look very muscular.


I am still looking for the "GH Gut" in that picture and I have yet to find it. i am also missing how he looks like a hillbilly. Weren't they rich white people who wore crappy clothes yet lived in a mansion in Beverly Hills? Elli Mae was one fine ass bitch though.


Bruce Lee was weak? riiiight....


Compared to the current Mr. Olympia, very.


I only agree that the Phanny Pack is very stupid looking.



I don't know...when I look at that pic, I think,"that is one Diesel mutherfucker right there." Didn't notice the fanny pack til you guys mentioned it though...but yeah, it's got to go.


But it's just there to hide his GH gut ! ! ! :wink:


It looks like he made a big announcement, and was then shaking his head after like was tired


I don't think its disgraceful at all. He's big and strong as hell and is at the top of his game. That fanny pack is manly as hell.


I prefer this pic....to the pics in his posing trunks...

his arms look awesome!


The veins in his arms are as thick as fingers.


honestly, ronnie is the only guy on the planet that can rock a fanny pack, without looking like a douchebag


I don't know - that fanny pack just looks gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


My bro sent me a video the other day of Ronnie benching 210lb dbs for I think 8 reps.