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Powerful Image-Not All Too Motivating

I don’t know if I am the only one here who feels this way, but the current powerful image is not all to motivating to me. I realize it is called powerful images and not motivating images, nonetheless, It still doesn’t work for me.
For the most part, I cannot relate to it. The muscle size (whomever it is) is too freakish, even with hard training and all the drugs in the world, I could never achieve that look. Even if I had the genetics to be that big, I doubt I would ever have the fortitude and desire, to put the work and effort needed for gains like that.
Don’t get me wrong in that it is not that I don’t like the powerful images section, it is just that for some of the above mentioned reasons, ones like this don’t do it for me.

Definately as case of human differances. I believe that the legs belong to Tom Platz, who basically redefined quad development back in the late 70’s - early 80’s. I agree with you that differant “powerful images” are more or less appealing, motivating, etc but it goes with the territory. I like this one, probably because it reminds me of when I was a “little” younger. More than anything, I really value the way T-Nation responded to the requests on the powerfull images. The team at T-nation really are the real deal. As an aside, Tom Platz was not just show. He had pretty phenomenal flexibility and mind-blowing squat numbers.

old dogg

Yeah i agree. Platz was a badass. He ttrained like a freaking madman especially when it came to legs.

there is a video on the web, where platz is squatting 505 for 23 full reps, high bar style! Think about how much harder it is to push the same weight with a high bar squat, it is pretty amazing. however, I thought those legs belonged to eddie robbinson, but I could be wrong, I don’t know bodybuilding all that well.

Maybe the guys at T-Nation will let us know who those legs belong to?
old dogg

I thought it was Lee Priest?? I wonder who it is also?

[quote]old_dogg wrote:
Maybe the guys at T-Nation will let us know who those legs belong to?
old dogg[/quote]

A bloke by the name of D. Yates.

Thanks. The “Shadow” had plenty of go with his show as well.

DORIAN YATES IS IN THE MOST BIZARRE PHOTO I HAVE EVER SEEN! I think I remember a similar photo shoot in flex magazine. yates does a famous lower body only photo to show off his quads and lower legs. the bizarre thing that I remember about that photo is that yates’s toes, particularly his big toe, are like 5 times longer than normal. his big toe looked like long dong silver’s dong! I took the picture of yates to my college anantomy professor to show to him as a joke and he commented “guy must be on a lot of growth hormone”. I still to this day wonder if my professor was correct. I wonder if hgh really could make your toes grow. If it wasn’t so freakish looking, I don’t think it would have been so funny.